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Nightmare Radio Installation

I purchased a new radio for my car through best buy with the great addition that the installation would be included in the cost. I set up my original appointment for September 17th, but unfortunately needed an extra part. No biggie! I purchased that and made a new appointment at the Kannapolis, North Carolina location for 9/19. Install went great, they assured me I was good to go, so I drove home happy as could be. However, the next day my car was dead. I tried to make an appointment at the Charlotte Metropolitan location, but they were booked until the following Tuesday (10/1). Awesome! I now have to figure out how to get to and from work every day until then (thankfully uber exists). I exist with no car until my appointment, get a jump, and get my car to best buy. This location spent two hours looking over my car, essentially to charge my battery and send me on my way. The next morning I wake up and my car is dead again! I brought it to a different audio installation store today who said they used faulty parts and left wires unconnected to anything, and to do this job correctly, they should have manually ran wires around my car. So not only was the radio installed incorrectly originally, the second set of eyes from best buy I had look at it confirmed the incorrect work! The bill I got today was $500 for the diagnosis of the problem and the fix. I’m very interested to know how best buy will handle the bill I received for this considering it is entirely due to their horrific install job.

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Re: Nightmare Radio Installation

To get you pointed in the correct location to the employees who could assist you the fastest, please return to the location where the installation was completed.  Bring with you the invoice from the other installation shop with the write up of what you've detailed here in your message about causing the battery drain.  With this write up in hand, you're welcome to speak with the manager on duty to see how they may be able to assist you further.  I cannot promise what outcome will take place, but we appreciate you registering with the Best Buy forums to share!


A moderator could stop by in the next 3 to 5 business days to assist you with this if you're still needing more assistance after working with the manager on duty.  Your patience until then is all we can ask for until then!

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Re: Nightmare Radio Installation

this post was helpful for me 



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Re: Nightmare Radio Installation

Hello, kkirk09,


Thank you for joining us on the Best Buy Forums, and welcome to our online community. This is a great place to come for questions, learn about new tech, interact with other customers, and request support from our team of moderators. We are always happy to help however we can. Our Geek Squad Autotechs, are highly skilled in their trade, and a lifetime workmanship guarantee is offered on all installations. As autotech796 mentioned on Friday, if you have concerns regarding the installation, then returning to the location where the work was originally done would be the best course of action. Have you had the opportunity to speak to a manager on duty at the Kannapolis Best Buy over the weekend about this concern?  



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