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New Help Getting a Promised Credit for a Dented Refrigerator

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Good evening,


I know it's late but can someone assist with helping me get a resolution to my problem? I'm needing compensation for a damaged refrigerator that I agreed to live with. This was the single worst customer service experience of my life! I'm so disappointed because I've always had great service from Best Buy. My refrigerator was going out so I decided to purchase another one. I went into the store on 7/6. The staff was friendly and helpful. The first problem was that I saw a model on the floor with a water pitcher. When I received it, it was a basic model. It took nearly 3 weeks to actually receive this appliance because of several Best Buy-generated cancellations and one appointment where a person came to install the refrigerator but did not have it with him. I found after the second try that refrigerators are delivered on one day and hooked up on the next. When my refrigerator was finally installed and the plastic removed there was a large cosmetic dent in the front door.


I wanted this unit exchanged for an undamaged one. My return and replace single delivery exchange process was impossible to have follow through on. I received 3 no-call-no-shows for 6-hour appointment windows where I either took off work or rearranged my work schedule to be home. Finally, one Geek Squad rep advised that they somehow were calling obsolete numbers that were in the system from years before despite the fact that I gave all of my current contact information at the time of purchase in the store. Each time I called customer service I had to be on the phone for at least one hour to explain what happened and for the call center rep to try to reach out to the local delivery contractors to try to explain that I needed an exchange. After 3 additional "tries", one of the final reps called his supervisor to try to get a consideration to compensate me for the dent so that I could just live with the damage since it was obvious that between Best Buy and the local delivery contractor's it was unlikely that I would receive a timely replacement.


After my damage was assessed to be worth a $280 gift card by a manager, the rep then found that the return status was stuck as "in transit" and needed to be canceled before I could receive this promised money. This call took over 1 hour and need what he called a 24 hour period for processing. I called back 2 additional times after this exchange while the "in transit" status was still "processing". A final rep was able to cancel the return request in order to "request" the $280 gift card (at this point she said this was not promised) but she would write it up for processing based on the notes in the system under my order. This took over 1 hour. Apparently in this process when she canceled the problematic return she also canceled my 3 years extended warranty that I purchased on the refrigerator. I found out as I was researching purchasing a laptop for school and saw that it was canceled. I called the warranty department to explain that one of the reps, possibly the last one, canceled my warranty improperly and that I needed it reinstated. She explained that once it's canceled they can't reinstate it over the phone. She could only refund the money paid for it. I would have to go back to a store to explain this to someone and try to repurchase it.


I was AGAIN livid! It's just been one awful customer service nightmare. To make matters worse, it's been about 3 weeks since I was told that I would be mailed a gift card for the dent and SURPRISE... I haven't received it. The funny thing is I actually love the Samsung refrigerator. It's great. I'm dreading having to make another 1-2 hour call to get this resolved if this is actually what Best Buy is aiming to do. Could you please assist me in getting this gift card for the existing damage since I could not get an undamaged exchange? I just want to be made whole. 


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Re: New Help Getting a Promised Credit for a Dented Refrigerator

Hello, takiyahlj77,


Thank you for connecting with us. We appreciate you taking the time to visit our online community. This is a great place to interact with other users, learn about new tech, and request support from our team of moderators. While I wish your first post had been related to a positive experience, I certainly want to do all I can to help.


Based on your description, there were a few factors that had to be addressed. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the new refrigerator, although I understand you were expecting it to arrive in pristine condition. That is completely understandable, as a refrigerator is often the centerpiece of the kitchen. Considering you were willing to keep the appliance in the condition it arrived in, often, a Best Buy Gift Card may be offered, to make up for the imperfection. The request and approval process can take up to 15-business days. If that amount of time has passed, it stands to reason you would be interested in an update on when you may receive the gift card. With a bit more information, I’d be happy to check on this for you.


So I may access the fund details, I will first need to verify your full name, email address, and telephone number. For your security, please send those details in a Private Message. To send a Private Message, simply select the darker blue icon, which is located across from my signature.


I look forward to hearing from you!

Sarah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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