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New Broken Dyer - Poor Customer Service - Lost Second Dyer before delivery



         We purchase a new wash machine and dryer from our local Best Buy. Setup the first delivery 10 days after the purchase.   The wash machine worked right out the box but the dryer would never power up.   The delivery people took the old working dryer with them and left the broken new one in it's place.  Told my wife that someone would be over to fix the new dryer tomorrow.  Didn't happen - our local sale person tells us the only way to get the dryer going quickly was to pay more money and get a different one ( the Service Technician would be 2-3 weeks to be at the house).  We decide to pay a extra money to get another new dryer in 5 days.   Family life with kids requires a working dryer - the local laundry mat was getting old.


        Second delivery ( over two weeks ) -  Best Buy truck pulls into driveway but no one comes to the door - get call from a rude Best Buy lady stating the dryer was missing and no one knows when we are going to get it.   Now out more money and still have a brand new broken dryer sitting in the house.  The delivery guys never came up to the door - just ran away again withpout the broken dryer.  Call the store again and talked to the applinance manager - again didn't care the dryer was not working.   The "manager" states he can give us our money back if we return the dryer.  Really now I need to hall the broken dryer down to the store.   


        Customer Service from everyone a Best Buy has been very poor - not a single Best Buy employee wanted to take ownership of the problem and fix it.   The simple problem is we need a working dryer that we payed for already.



        Currently we are waiting to see if they magical find the missing dryer or is it time to just pull everything out and return it.


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