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Need to escalate on an appliance installation that took over 20 months

I've never had such a poor experience with any other purchases in the past. After spending over 30 grand on an appliance package that was ordered on July 4th weekend of 2021 (yes 2021, not a typo) and being a total tech member, the appliances are still not installed completely. Appliances took over 18 months to arrive and the installation has been awful. Crews doing no-shows at least 3 times during the process , including one today. Anytime cancellations happen, there is absolutely no communication or anything and I need to find an appointment myself that takes weeks to get one where it can still be a no show. Some installers doing poor jobs, escalations through calls going nowhere. It has been a very frustrating experience. Please fix this!!
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Re: Need to escalate on an appliance installation that took over 20 months

Hello, abinathab,


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We appreciate you reaching out on our community forum for support with your appliance order. Purchasing appliances is supposed to be a fun and exciting experience, so it saddens me to hear that this was not your experience. I have had to struggle with a partially functioning kitchen, so I can understand how you may be feeling. I would like to see if I could be of any help in this matter. If you please could you send me a Private Message with your full name, phone number, email address and order number, I will be able to look into this. To send a private message simply click the blue button to the right of my signature below.




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