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Need help with a claim please

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As many others have expressed here, I am trying to get someone to contact me.
On the morning of 12/1, Geek Squad broke our hot water line while trying to install our new dishwasher. Our kitchen flooded in the process. The technician was as kind as can be, gave me a number to call and claim number. That was the last time anyone from Best Buy or Sedgwick was ever nice to me again.
I have left 7 voicemails and sent 5 emails to various people. Sean (removed per forum guidelines), Callie (removed per forum guidelines)and Zachary (removed per forum guidelines). Zach, as he identified himself as, told me on Thursday 12/6 that am adjuster from Vericlaim would be reaching out to me today. He told me to call him back if I did not hear from Vericlaim. Well, not only did I not hear from them, but when I tracked down a number and called Vericlaim, they had no record of my claim number, phone number, name, address or date of my loss. What’s worse, they had never even been contacted by any of the people I had been in contact with.
Here is the thing. My kitchen is unusable. I have been lied to several times and am spending more time and money on this than I should. All I did was trust “professionals” to install a new machine that I paid for. Now, not only do I not have a working dishwasher, but I don’t have a working kitchen. I was told to call a plumber and would get reimbursed. That did not happen. I was told to call a water mitigation company and they would get paid. That has not happened.
I am pregnant, with a toddler living at home, 2 weeks before I have family coming to stay with me. I realize you handle the entire nation, but all I am asking for is a phone call back! I have people who could have started the work a week ago! And now I’m just waiting. Please help! I will repost this as many times as I need to.

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Re: Need help with a claim please

Hello sandrakb15,


Welcome to the forums, and thank you for submitting your experience so that we can take a look into this for you.


I can only imagine the inconvenience that comes with your hot water line being damaged, not to even mention the flooded kitchen. Kitchen's are the heart of a home and so incredibly important to our daily lives. 


I would like to look into this for you and see what can be done to get the work started on your claim.  Please send me a private message using the link in my signature below, and provide me with your full name, phone number, and email address.  I'd be more than happy to look into this quickly for you.



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