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Need customer service complaint help

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Hi there,

I had a very frustrating experience with my recent purchase and installation of a gas dryer in my home. Since there is no corporate email, I thought I'd try here. First of all, the first dryer that was installed and delivered on 1/17/23 was a dud. Through the chat, I scheduled a replacement to be delivered and installed.
I spoke to 3 people through chat regarding the new dryer replacement. Twice I confirmed that the replacement would be installed. Twice I was told that yes, the replacement was also scheduled to be installed. 
When the replacement came on 1/21/23, the delivery people said they were not authorized to install it because there was no ticket to install it. I immediately hopped back on chat while they were here and I was told that I did not schedule the installation. I was very frustrated at this point and asked when it could be installed and why it was confirmed twice but didn't happen. During that chat, after I asked why it was confirmed twice but didn't happen, the agent closed the chat with me with no response. I got back on chat and had a new agent. However the new agent could not see any of my past chats so I decided to call instead so I didn't have to type out the whole long story again. 
I called Best Buy and spoke to Carrie who was extremely helpful. They said the replacement dryer should have had an installation added to it and it was odd there wasn't. Carrie set me up with an appointment for 1/24/23 for installation. 
Order information:
original order number {removed per forum guidelines}
replacement dryer order number {removed per forum guidelines}
installation order number {removed per forum guidelines}
So i have two issues:
1) I went through the chat feature based on Best Buy's recommendation on the website as that is how I would get the fastest response. However, although the response was fast, the information was incorrect each time and I was kicked out of one of the chats. I guess you can't check that since you don't save the chats? I have screenshots if you'd like them that I took after I found out old chats couldn't be viewed. This was really terrible customer service until I called and spoke to Carrie. What can you do to make this right?
2) Is there still Geek Squad protection on the dryer? I added it the very first time I ordered it and now I have a credit for the exact amount? I have an email confirming my enrollment but when I \ check my Best Buy account, that added service is not listed for the dryer. 
Please help - I want to make sure the driver still has the Geek Squad protection and I'd like to know who I can contact if I need help in the future so I don't have to go through this again. 
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Re: Need customer service complaint help

**UPDATE** the dryer installation was supposed to happen today and I have been following the progress all morning via the Best Buy website. My order page now says I need to schedule the installation (which I already did and had email and text confirmation of for today). I called and was told it was "odd" that my appointment today was cancelled and that I wasn't contacted earlier. I had to schedule another installation - this one being the 4th time total. Customer service person couldn't help me with my complaints, only with recheduling. 

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Re: Need customer service complaint help

Hi, julmaxwell,


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I had a similar issue with a garage repair last year, it took many attempts to actually get the service completed. My difficulty was just with the garage, I would be much more frustrated if it were my dryer. I would be happy to look into the contact history of your account, as well as the status of the Geek Squad Protection on the dryer. Can you send a Private Message with the information below so that I can look up your account? You should be able to send a Private Message by clicking the button to the right of my signature below!


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