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Multiple Issues

I am very frustrated with my experiences with Best Buy. My husband and I went into the store on June 14th and had a wonderful experience with our in store consultant picking out appliances for our new home. We should him pictures and he told us what to buy and gave us advice. We spent a lot of money (for us) but we were so happy to finally purchase a home and we knew that we would have these appliances for a long time.
July 1st- Best Buy attempted for deliver our stove and dishwasher. The two men said that they could not get our old stove out and that we would have to redo/reconfigure our whole kitchen (not what we wanted to hear after just moving in). We were so overwhelmed so they said that they would just take our stove and dishwasher back and store it until we wanted it. (Our plumber was able to get our old stove out in about 10 minutes later that day). When I called to request to have it redelivered, they told us the date would be September 28th. When I explained that they actually had it, I was told nothing could be done. That is the soonest. After speaking to a supervisor, he said they would check with warehouse and let us know in a few days.
July 6th- fridge supposed to be delivered. Delivery man called me and told me to come outside. The fridge and it’s box were completed damaged. He told me not to accept it. ( when he called Best Buy, they said the stove will arrive the next day)
I spent the next week calling about the fridge. The girl finally told me they could deliver it on August 14th and take out old one, but not install it until the next day. Why would we want the new one without being installed? We would lose all our food and not have a fridge? I told her that we could wait so we can have both the delivery and installation the same day. She said that was not possible. Finally, she said that she would try and finally we got an email saying it was all set for the 15th.
July 31st- our over the range microwave was set to be delivered/installed from 7-1pm. I waited all day. Finally called- the woman said she saw the appointment. And then questioned me about it. Where did I make it. With who. I made it in the store and got multiple confirmations. I asked for a supervisor and waited 30 minutes until they hung up on me. Why didn’t they call me back when they had all my info?? So, I finally called our in store consultant. He said everything should have been all set. He couldnt get in touch with drivers. He finally called me and said they would deliver it August 11th (what a huge waste of a day). He also said that he didn’t know why they made an appt for the fridge as it wouldn’t be ready until September. He said that he would take care of everything for us.
August 11th (today) geek squad called me regarding the over the range microwave and questioned the outlet in the cabinet. Our in store consultant never told us about this (after showing him pics and asking questions, he told us to get this). I am so frustrated. I had to cancel the delivery. I called the store and was told our consultant was out (as was all supervisors/managers?!). I tried to tell the man , Coe, about my problem. He cut me off and was like, oh I know you need to cancel the washer and dryer. He wouldn’t let me speak and was very short and rude. I was like no, that’s not our order and tried to tell him about my problem. I finally just told him to cancel our fridge and microwave.

I am so frustrated with Best Buy. I completely understand delays due to Covid. However, I do not understand why I have to chase Best Buy down regarding my orders. I have wasted countless hours trying to call/ waiting for things that do not show up. We are so excited to buy our new home, and with everyone that we have dealt with -Best Buy is hands down the worst. The customer service is horrendous. Not one person (other than our in store consultant who also made a big mistake) was sympathetic or at least gave us a reasonable explanation. How is Best Buy going to resolve this?
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Re: Multiple Issues

Good evening, Erinmoconn,


Welcome to our Support Forums, albeit under such unfortunate circumstances.  It sounds like your purchasing experience started out as well as we could hope, with the associate who helped you pick out the appliances for your new home, so it’s disappointing to hear things ended on such a sour note, and a portion of your order was eventually cancelled as a result.  Under similar circumstances, I can’t say I would feel any differently, and I apologize for the frustration this experience has undoubtedly caused. 


You mention at one point you attempted to reach out to the consultant you were working with to discuss your order further, however, he was unavailable at the time of your call.  Since this call, were you able to get in touch with either him, or any members of store leadership at your local Best Buy store?


Looking forward to hearing from you,

SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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