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Missed delivery because they called the wrong number and they dont knock or ring the doorbell

I was supposed to receive my new washer and dryer this Saturday morning. I received my text Friday evening about the time frame of 8-10am. The next morning, I was in the shower and received a text saying that they would there at 8:40 am. I started bathing my kids, waiting for their arrival. I never heard a knock on the door. I never got a ring at the doorbell. So by 12 pm, I was concerned. I called the number given on my confirmation text, and they told me that the delivery arrived at 8:35 am. I asked them to confirm my address and when it came back correct, I explained how no one knocked on the door. The response I got, literally has my mind blown. "The delivery people are not required to knock or ring the doorbell. It is a grey area. It is up to the delivery man if they want to or not." I then asked how I was supposed to know that they were here, as I live in a 2 story home and have 5 children I was busy taking care of, and dont have the ability to just sit at the window all morning. Their response was that they called my phone and left a voicemail but it went straight to voicemail, so they then sent an email. When I told them I had not received a call or an email, it turns out, my husbands number was the number they called. My husband was at work and does not have access to his phone. After receiving all of the delivery times and notifications by text on my phone, one would assume that they would also be the one getting the call to let them know they were here. And if a phone goes straight to voicemail, they should either try the other number on the account, or possibl just knock, considering thats the normal protocol for delivering absolutely anything! After talking to a rep, I was told that they couldnt come out and deliver my appliances today even though it was their fault. They couldnt reschedule my delivery until they finished their route after 8pm that evening and checked my appliances in, nor could I return my appliances until then. I was told to call back the next morning to the store and reschedule a delivery. When I called the store yesterday to reschedule, I was not given any apology other than, "oh yeah, when we enter in the rewards card, it sometimes overrides and changes phone number and address information." Then I was given a soonest possible delivery of Wednesday. I explained that I had already been waiting and I needed my washer and dryer by Monday or I would need to return it and go somewhere else to buy one that could be delivered by Monday. The appliance manager said "okay. Is there anything else I can do for you?" I was appauled. Rather than trying his best to get me on the delivery schedule since I was already supposed to have my appliances 2 days ago, he was quick to just have my $1000+ order refunded without a single care, causing the store to lose that money. At this point, I really just want to return everything, because I dont think Best Buy wants or deserves my business. Im given more courtesy when I spend $10 ordering Jimmy Johns or Dominoes. They knock on my door, ring my doorbell, and if I dont answer, they will call the phone number that is listed on the account all within an hour of ordering. When spending over $1000 on appliances at Best Buy, you have to wait several days for them to deliver it, and they do not knock or ring the doorbell. They only call the wrong number and then leave. I cant help but to think that the delivery people do this because they would rather customers miss their delivery because it is one less heavy appliance they have to load into someones house that day. As of right now, Im infuriated. I will never purchase anything from Best Buy again, and I will discourage everyone I know from buying any appliances there.
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Re: Missed delivery because they called the wrong number and they dont knock or ring the doorbell

To top it off, I have received poor customer service. Nothing has been done to make my experience better, nor have I been apologized to for the inconvenience. Yesterday, when I asked to speak to the supervisor, I was told that they were too busy and would have to call me back. They said they have no idea when we would get a call because it was just so busy. No surprise, that a day later, Im still waiting for that phone call. Ive spent countless hours and lots of money doing at least 15 loads of laundry at the laundromat waiting for my appliances to arrive, and will now have to go again tonight.
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Re: Missed delivery because they called the wrong number and they dont knock or ring the doorbell

Hello Ammeggison-


Welcome to the Best Buy forums! Having spent countless hours trying to receive your new washer and dryer to no avail, we could understand why you’re writing to us!  Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to take a closer look into this for you!


The email that was provided did not allow me to access any purchase history or orders that have taken place recently.  Knowing there was a different phone number utilized, I’d only be able to speak to the purchaser of the order.  Our Privacy Policy would not allow us to work with anyone who is not on the “Bill To” line of the order.  If you’re the purchaser, please send me a private message containing your full name, phone number, email address used for the purchase, and the order number. 


If you’re not the purchaser, please welcome this customer to register with the forums as you have, and have them send me a private message by clicking the blue button in my signature line below.  I’m hoping to work with whomever is the purchaser here soon!



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