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Microwave Delivery - Third Party Can't Deliver

Hello, I'm having some serious trouble getting clarity on a Microwave in which Best Buy had setup a delivery. I had orderd 4 appliances. The fridge came first (dented) and then later that day the dishwasher and oven arrived. The microwave which was supposed to be included in the order never showed up. The gentlemen who were installing the items informed us that they forgot the microwave at the facility and that it would be delivered by Tuesday. We received no such confirmation and in fact the opposite happened. They informed Best Buy that the entire delivery was fullfiled. In the mean time, we've called Best Buy repeatedly in the past two weeks almost daily only to hear that they have no information on the microwave and that someone would call back within 24-48 hours. The 48 hours window was missed several times and we also received no email. Zero communication on a product we purchaed that Best Buy agreed to deliver on a specific date. For all we know our microwave and money was stolen. This is unacceptable behavior for a business. We've spent so much time agonizing over this that its not even worth the hassle going through Best Buy. 


As of Monday we got the highly anticipated call from Best Buy that the third party found the microwave. When the associate tried to set up a delivery date, the computer would not allow it because it says it is out of stock. I understand that the item is out of stock, but our microwaveis currently in the hands of the third party. Best Buys computer will not allow a shceuled delivery. This is again unacceptable. Please empower your employees to know what they are talking about (Don't agree to communicate with a time period if you cannot meet that agreement), and please empower them to schedule a delivery (even if manually). I'm not asking for much and I'm sure other customers are deaing with this rediculous customer experiance too. 

  1. Communicate daily on status of missiong items (a simple email would be nice)
  2. Hold your third party vendors accountable. We're dependent on a third party to perform. We have zero contact information and zero ccommunication. Best Buys name is stamped on this disorganization. 
  3. Please help me get my microwave and at the very least tell me when I can get it. 



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Re: Microwave Delivery - Third Party Can't Deliver

Hello, glaw,


Thank you for reaching out to us on our forums and welcome. I come from a big family so appliance were absolutely an essential part of the home as something was always running at one time or another. I understand the necessity of these products and I would love to look into this to see how I can assist you with getting that microwave in home. So that I can look into this and find out what's possible, please send over a private message that contains your full name, phone number, email and order number. Any other details you believe are relevant may help as well. With that, I should be able to locate the order and investigate a resolution on your behalf. 


To send that message over to me, you can utilize the button to the bottom right near my name below. I'll keep an eye out for your response.


Kindest regards,

Keith M|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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