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Massive trouble getting my appliance delivered timely.

So below is a log I started keeping about my troubles trying to get a new refrigerator delivered to my home.
I am very disappointed that the day and time I originally picked was automatically rescheduled for me from 7/13 4-8mp to 8/10 8am-12pm.  I have checked your inventory for the exact item and it is currently in stock at the Kent WA warehouse.  I am almost positive you have trucks going from Kent to the 2 Spokane WA stores weekly.  How hard is it to put the fridge on that truck and if you can't actually deliver it to me allow me to pick it up with my truck.  I paid for the items, even agreed to the special financing crap, and the promised delivery day was pushed back almost a month when the item is a 5 hour truck ride from my location.  It's not like it is backordered from the factory or anything.  Also the level of customer server is almost cable TV bad, that is pathetic.  I used to think best buy was just overpriced on almost everything, now I know they have terrible customer service too.  My likelihood of ever making a purchase from your company again is very low and if you can't find a solution to get my fridge to me in a timely manner, (1 week considering where you have some in stock), is extremely low and you can bet your bottom line that I'll let all my friends and family know of the crappy experience I have had with trying to get a fridge moved 260 miles so I can either 1) pick it up myself, or 2) have it delivered as originally promised.
I guess I should have looked at these forums before making my purchase as I would have gone with someone else, as it seems many others have this same issue.
Best buy support - was on hold for 25min before talking to a person.  First person put me back on hold while he went to look up my order.  He never came back and the system sent me to another CS rep (Larry).  So I was totally ignored by the first rep.
Spoke with Larry at 6:50pm PST
He informed me that I won't be getting it delivered on Friday the 13th between 4 and 8pm as my order confirmation email appears to show me.  He also could not tell me if any of the local stores had the item in stock so I could pick it up.  He did not even know when the item would be transferred to a local store for the free delivery.  He advised me to all one of the local stores to assist me with my issue.
Called the Spokane Valley store and spoke with someone about the issue.  Said he could not help me but would have one of the appliance associates call me back when they were free.  No call back today....
Received an email from best buy saying I need to reschedule my appointment immediately.
Talked to a customer support person online about the issue.  They said they could not help me at all on their end and that I had to call the same 1800 number that told me yesterday that they could not help me and that I had to call the local Best Buy Store (Spokane Valley). 
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Re: Massive trouble getting my appliance delivered timely.

Hello mmikid,


Welcome to our community. Like you -- and like a great many others to be sure -- I depend upon the information I'm given being accurate and that commitments made are kept. I cannot begin to imagine the ever increasing aggravation of a situation like what you've described. I endeavor to be patient, but even such generosity has its limits as I know only too well from my own experience. I was unhappy to read of your circumstances and I apologize for our having disappointed you.


I know you were hoping to take possession of your new refrigerator much sooner than the August 10 date you were given; were you able to do so? Were you able to speak t someone, either an associate or a manager, at the Spokane Valley location regarding your order and delivery?


Please know I am grateful you took the time to write to us and share your experience.

John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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