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Major delivery problem

It's kind of weird to have to publicly post a problem rather than use a customer request form, but it looks like this is the only way to do it so that's what this is--sorry if it's in the wrong place!


On 2/27 my dishwasher broke so I bought one online the following day. I scheduled the delivery for 3/9, the earliest time slot available, from 8-12. I'd have preferred it a lot sooner, but it is what it is.


Fast forward to the morning of 3/9, I took off work to wait for the delivery. At around 10AM nobody was there and no contact, so I checked the status link on my confirmation email to see if they had any updates there. On the site it was listed that my delivery date had been rescheduled for 3/15--and I had received no prior contact to this effect whatsoever!


I called customer support and gave the phone number of my order and they found it--according to their records the delivery people called some other random, disconnected number in a totally different area code than the one I live that was somehow connected to my account. I'm not sure how that number got associated with my account, but they confirmed on the phone that my correct phone number and email address were associated with the order. I can't believe they wouldn't contact me using either of those methods and just reschedule the delivery and expect me to magically know! It's bad enough that I had to burn a vacation day for this nonsense, but I can't even be there on the 15th when they deliver it! And the person on the phone said that the next available opening was on the 24th! 


Not only is this terrible customer service, but it's absurd that I have to wait a full month to have a dishwasher delivered and installed through no fault of my own, and/or burn yet another vacation day to do it. If anyone can do anything so that I could have it delivered at a more reasonable date I'd appreciate it.

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Re: Major delivery problem

Good Afternoon ikelley,


 Welcome to the Best Buy Support Online Forum Community! Being without a dishwasher would surely be an inconvenience, and I’d be equally frustrated as my dishwasher gets put to good use. Thank you for choosing Best Buy for your purchase. It’s discouraging to hear that your order may have been rescheduled due to an error. I’d be happy to see how I can help you address your concerns further.


While reviewing your concerns in further detail it appears they’d be best handled by our Geek Squad Customer Care Team. They should be reaching out on the phone number noted on your order, and confirmed with our support teams when you called in to discuss your concerns. Please let me us know if you don’t hear from them soon.



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