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Major appliance order NOT received but told order was completed

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After many calls about this delivery issue, I was told today that my previous case on this was closed on account of the delivery having been marked as complete. I do not understand how this is possible as I never received the TV and I didn't even get a call for the scheduled delivery.


In fact, I called on Jan 10th, 2023 about not receiving a call since the order was placed on Dec 8th, 2022. I was told on the 10th to wait until Jan 24th, because the rep said that's when they were scheduled to pick up the order from the warehouse. From there, I was told to expect a call from the delivery team within 7 business days.


I called back again on Jan 28th, having waited for a scheduled delivery call that never came. I asked for an update and was told that there might have been a delay and told to wait until Jan 30th for the call to come through. I asked if I could get the contact info for the delivery company but was told that the rep didn't know which company was going to deliver it and I just had to wait for the call.


I called back on Feb 3rd, again letting the rep know that no scheduled delivery call was made or attempted. I was then told that the order was marked as complete and a special delivery case{removed per forum guidelines} was put in and a reply was expected within 2-5 business days.


I called again today Feb 11th, looking to see what the status of the case{removed per forum guidelines} was and I was told by the rep that she could not tell me what the case result was but she could see it was updated and I was told to wait to get a call back from the case rep. I called back a second time, looking to speak with a supervisor about this, however, this time the rep told me that case {removed per forum guidelines} was closed because the order was marked as complete and that any rep should be able to see the case results.


I do not appreciate the constant run-around and passing back and forth I've been receiving on this. I did not receive the TV from my order, nor was there any attempt made whatsoever to set up a delivery date with the delivery company.

I am beyond livid having been told that I've received an order from a third party that I am at this point, not even aware of their name since nobody wants to provide that information to me. So, I don't know how they'll even attempt to provide proof of delivery as I never even received a call to schedule the delivery, let alone even sign for anything.


Posting this here since I can't get much help from the delivery team reps over the phone. Asked to speak with a supervisor to get some more information but of course I get told they'll call me back and just to wait again, still no call back and no one else I can speak to and attempt to get this resolved.

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Re: Major appliance order NOT received but told order was completed

Hello, Octave! 


Thank you for reaching out to us on The Best Buy forums page, making us aware of this issue. This is certainly not the experience we want to provide our customers. I would love to look more into this order for you today. Do you have the order number? Can you please send me a private message with your full name, phone number, and email? 


Thank you, 

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