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Looking for Accountability and a Resolution for Floor Damage due to Refrigerator Installation



My elderly mother had a fridge installation back in July 2021 and we noticed a water leak in the floor the next day. The floor is a wood lamenate so the water was seeping through the creases when we stepped on it. My mother went to Best Buy the next day and they told us to shut the water off which we did and the water subsided and dried up. Best Buy sent another team to look at it a couple of days later and they were able to fix it and the water was turned back on. Meanwhile the floor was damaged at this time due to the water leaking for that day. 


Fast forward to me making a claim on my elderly mother's behalf to Sedgwick then they put me in touch with with JB Hunt who is managing the contractor. Then the contractor reached out to me directly as it was someone on his team that did the installation and he wanted to make it "right". He asked to come take a look at it so I arranged with him to come to my mothers home as I don't live in the same state as her and he said he needed to measure the damaged floor and order the floor parts from Home Depot. He showed up three hours after he said he was and took pictures and said he had to go to Miami the following day to do some work but would order the floor and install when he gets back from his projectin Miami. 


Following the claim instructions I was asked to get a water mitigation report which I did and spent $500 to which they found air mold, and they also mentioned I needed a floor estimate. I then inquired as to who would be responsible for the reimbursing me the $500. The contractor when I spoke to him mentioned that he already paid "them" the $500. 


Several days later after he went to my mothers home he writes a denial of the claim saying the water leak was already there and that it had nothing to do with the installation. So shockingly the contractor went back on his word and did not follow through with the repairs he promised and instead said the installation was done appropriately. 


This is turning into a he said she said which is a bit ridiculous. I have been emailing and JB Hunt and Sedgwick and the last email from JB Hunt was 9/10/21 sent to the contractor to confirm who he sent the check to and where the water filter was located. Since then then I have sent a follow-up email with no response and called Sedgwick twice and left voice mails with no response. I am not trying to be snarky here as I realize I am one of a plethora of claims but what is the response time for claims? I have had my claim switched three times and the only time I can get someone live is by calling the general number and speaking to the person handling the phones but there is never anyone then can transfer me it is ALWAYS a message I leave and no one gets back to me. 


Is there a direct line to Best Buy corporate that I can be provided or a direct email, preferrably not a generic number or generic inbox? I kindly ask to not recommend for me to call Sedgwick as that has not been a viable solution thusfar. 


From the claims thread on these forums here it looks as though this will be a super lengthy and it has already been a time consuming process. I am looking for what the next steps are for repair when the contractor conviniently denies a claim so that I am aware of what the process is here. If you have a pdf that you can send for the different avenues a claim can take that would be appreciated. Lasly, I would like to know who would be reponsible for reimbursing me the $500. 


Thank you in advance for your time! 

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Re: Looking for Accountability and a Resolution for Floor Damage due to Refrigerator Installation

Hello, ActionNeeded,


Thank you for taking the time to visit our online community. While I wish you were here to share a positive experience, it is clear you and your mother are in need of support with the Property Damage claim you’ve mentioned. As a homeowner myself, I understand why you’d be eager to have this matter resolved, especially if you’ve already paid for a Water Mitigation report. The claim process does take some time, although it is important you are provided with updates, as often as possible.


Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc., is the administrator for Best Buy claims of property damage. Ultimately, they would determine the outcome of the claim. While our team would not have access to the claim details, I would be happy to see what I can do to put you in touch with a representative from Sedgwick.


To proceed, I would be required to complete the verification process with the original purchaser. If this was your mother, please ask her to send a Private Message, from her personal Best Buy Forums account. For verification purposes, she would need to provide her full name, email address, and telephone number.



Sarah|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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