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Lies, lies, lies, from Best Buy and 3rd Party Delivery

The level of incompetence and abuse that I've been though is astonishing. 


Let's just start with what happened today alone.


I started called Best Buy at noon because I knew someone would screw it up, and I was right, of course.


(This is the fourth day I've been trying to get this thing delivered.  The first day, it was broken, and the delivery driver actually arrived at my house to tell me that.  "Swworry!" The second day, Best Buy forget to even put it on the truck! "Swoory!" The third day the delivery company - who had been at my house, lied and said no one was home when they tried to call/knock - I was 10' away from the door and my phone has no record of a call from them. 



No one showed up at my house.  Again.  This time - unlike the last time they failed to show up - the third party actually called and told me I wasn't home.  A brazen lie. The thing is, it was a lie, because they had my correct address.  I thought they might not, but the first (of four times they failed to deliver it), they DID arrive at my house (to tell me Best Buy damaged the item). So obviously no one even arrived here today. 

When i called Best Buy this evening, hilariously, I was told the item WASN'T EVEN IN STOCK and couldn't be delivered until NEXT Wednesday?


Well, how did the truck "with the item" show up at my house to find me "not at home" if it's not even in stock.


Oh, did i mention all the times Best Buy hung up and disconnected me?

Or they sent me to a number that cryptically asks for some numeric code to continue - but they don't give me the code. 

Nothing but lies.  Is it Best Buy lying to me?  Is it the third party company lying to me?  I don't know.  Four days now, Best Buy. Good job.


How are you still in business? I've honestly never seen anything like this.

I think it's time to cancel and get some compensation since you're obviously unable to deliver.  Unreal.

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Re: Lies, lies, lies, from Best Buy and 3rd Party Delivery

Hello, flambit.

Thank you for reaching out to us.  I have also received and replied to your private message pertaining to this issue.  I will be more than happy to help assist or answer any questions you may have.  Please send me the requested information in the private message and I will be happy to move forward working with you.  I look forward to hearing from you!


Allison|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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