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Lied to and left waiting

Ordered a refrigerator on 10/21. I was told the soonest it could be delivered was between 12 and 6 on 10/31. On 10/31 we woke up, cleared out the kitchen, and emptied the old refrigerator because it was being taken away. On 10/31 at 2:09pm I get a call that it will be there in 15 minutes. At 2:57 I get a call from the driver stating he couldn’t get through the railroad tunnel in town because his truck was too high. I told him he went the wrong way and he needed to take the truck route which every other company we have dealt with has done. I gave him the directions and as I was he cut me off saying he knows his way around and will go the way he knows. At 3:08 I get a call from a “manager” telling me I gave the driver bad directions and he’s stuck at a tunnel again. Ive lived at my house 35 years and drove the fire trucks the route I gave him for 25 of them. I was told he’d reroute the driver. I get another call from the driver, still cutting me off and not listening to me, telling me he has another way to go but it’s not the way it explained to him. At 3:30 I get yet another call from the “manager”. I explained to him now for the third time the way the driver needed to go. He was one mile away from where he needed to be. The manager tells me the driver is following my directions and will be to me shortly.
At 3:56 while my wife and I are still outside waiting for him I get an email thanking me for letting Best Buy serve us. I call customer service and they said that I got a call from the “manager” telling me the delivery was cancelled. I told her there was no such call as we were still waiting. I explained to her what was going on. She tells me she’s looking at a picture of the tunnel the driver had taken and I had given them bad directions. They said they need to have a smaller truck deliver the refrigerator. I asked how long it’ll be and they said possibly Monday or tuesday. I call on 11/1 to see what’s going on and I was told the earliest day they can come back is on 11/11. I explained I get home from work at 3 so the delivery would have to be any time after 3. I was told no I need to basically take an unpaid day off so I can be there at 12 because they can’t schedule something for after 3 in the system. The only solution was to have it delivered on 11/14.
So the driver refused to listen to which way he needed to go, the manager basically called me a liar and said I gave bad directions, and the same thing with customer service when they said I gave bad directions. No apologies, no solutions, no help. Nothing. Now I’m stuck with waiting 2 more weeks in the hope they can figure this out. All it would have taken is for someone to listen to me and take the truck route, or even have a little give and deliver it either in a smaller truck at a sooner date or after 3 on the 11th. Best Buy refuses to help me with anything, and will not make an attempt to budge an inch to get the refrigerator to me sooner than 2 weeks away. I’m being made to feel like I’m some sort of fool and that I did everything wrong by the people at Best Buy.
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Re: Lied to and left waiting

Hey there, Skyedog!


Thanks for reaching out to us. As a refrigerator is a constantly used appliance, I can certainly understand wanting to receive yours as quickly as possible. I am happy to look into the order further! To start, can you please send a private message with your full name, phone number, and email address, along with the order number (if you have it)? You should be able to do this by selecting the blue button under my signature. 




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