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Lack of customer service

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Ordering a new refrigerator from Best Buy has become the single most frustrating buying experience of my life!  I ordered a refrigerator from my local store on October 3, 2020. 


It was delivered on October 12, 2020.  The installer couldn’t figure out how my water line worked and said I would need to hire a plumber to come out for repairs.  They didn’t even remove all of the plastic or styrofoam from the interior.  Also, there was a small dent on the front.  Unfortunately for me, I didn’t get the installer’s name but he took a picture and said he would report it to the proper department - he didn't.


I knew the water line worked because it fed my previous refrigerator so I turned it on and sure enough I had water.  I think he turned the knob in the wrong direction.  Next, I tested the new water line connector and a few little rocks came out.  Either they came out of my water connection or the new connector, I’m not sure which.  I then checked the line connection on the refrigerator and there were two more small stones in there blocking the line.  I got a pair of tweezers extracted the rocks and I had water to my fridge!


On the same day, I called the number (800-304-1259) on the information sheet the installer left regarding questions and help after the installation.  I spoke to Tia who was very good and said she would refund $200 for the dent, $24.99 for the haul away service I didn’t use, and $50 for the problems with the installation.  I was very happy with this solution.  The next day I received a feedback form regarding my contact with her and gave her a glowing review!


Fast forward to 10/23/2020, when I called to see why my refund hadn’t shown up on my credit card yet; there was no record of my conversation with Tia.  I spoke to three more people (I have their names if you want them) until I reached Kenya who opened a case {removed per forum guidelines} and said someone would call me back within 24 hours. 


Well, on 10/26/2020, when nobody had called me, I called the 800 number again. I spoke to Jaylen and she advised me the credit for the haul away was processed on 10/25/2020, but that was all that showed up in the system.  Apparently, there was no previous notation about the $200 for the dent and $50 installation refunds.  She did agree to process the $200 but that it could only be given to me on a gift card that I could only use at Best Buy.  This was because I went to the store and purchased my refrigerator instead of doing it online.  Silly me for thinking the store and the online store actually operated under the same set of guidelines.  I told her that was unacceptable and she said I could have a new refrigerator delivered.  That was fine with me and then she came back on the line and said there were no more of this style of refrigerator and I would have to choose something else.  I bought the refrigerator I wanted and didn’t want a more expensive version of the model I purchased.  I then asked to speak to her supervisor and he (John) also told me my only options were accepting a gift card or buying a different refrigerator.  He did say I could check with the manager at my store to see if they would take the $200 off of the price.  I immediately drove to the store and was informed that because I had been offered a gift card they were unable to discount the price.   It seems John should have known that if he was indeed a supervisor. 


When this first started, I was not informed that a gift card was my only option.  Tia told me I would receive a refund on whatever card I used.   I financed most of the cost on my Best Buy card and wanted to just apply the $200 to the balance.  Now I have to accept a gift card I don’t want for issues that I didn’t cause.  The customer service people apparently can’t or won't help nor can anyone at the store.


 I had planned to buy the matching stove top, oven and microwave when I remodel my kitchen in January but if this is the level of customer service that Best Buy provides, I will rethink that decision.  I don’t want to do business with a company that views customer service as a joke.  I just assumed when I spent more than $3,500 for a brand new refrigerator that it would not be this difficult to resolve issues not of my making.  I have been given the run around as well as been lied to from the beginning of this fiasco. 

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Re: Lack of customer service

Hi there, cburtsed.


Purchasing a new refrigerator should be exciting, and we appreciate you choosing Best Buy for this investment. Based on your description, there were a few factors that needed to be addressed. You were correct to call the Geek Squad Client Care team, as directed on the paperwork you received. This team has the resources to assist our appliance customers, which is why it is surprising to hear you may have been provided conflicting information on how this could be resolved. Thank you for taking the time to make us aware, as post-purchase support is extremely important for our valued customers, and something we’re proud to provide.


We would love the opportunity to formally document your feedback, and ensure this has ultimately been resolved. If you would like to send a Private Message with your full name, email address, and telephone number, our team will be available. It sounds like you have plans to upgrade some of your other appliances, and we would be honored if you would allow us the chance to show you a better experience, when that time comes.



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Re: Lack of customer service

Apparently, asking more questions via the private message doesn't rate a response!  I messaged the customer service rep with the information she requested.  Then had another question a day or so later and so far haven't received a response.  The joys of doing business with a company that doesn't care about their customers.  

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Re: Lack of customer service



I apologize for the apparent delay in response. I have replied to your recent private message.

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