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Lack of contingency planning

I purchased the Samsung stainless steel kitchen suite due to reviews of products and unbeatable price. I purchased the items online and then picked my delivery date. Upon reading the site regarding "being ready for your delivery", I told my husband we should be prepared for when the crew came on Saturday by having all existing appliances out of the way. Therefore, on Friday we had a charity come and get all of our old appliances and cleaned the kitchen. I was told the delivery would be between 10-1 on Saturday. At 12:39pm, the phone rang and a girl stated, "Our truck broke down so we will need to reschedule". I said, "That is not going to work. I have no appliances therefore, no way to cook or store food." The girl said they were booked so there was no way they were coming. I proceeded to call the store directly to speak to the manager. He then told me that since it was a third party it wasnt their fault, but he would try to see if Geek Squad could bring. Of course that was not possible so he said the next time the third party could bring it was the following Friday ( so a week with no appliances). I asked if he could have Geek Squad bring it any sooner to which he replied, "We could, but then we would have to refund the whole order then recharge it to your card" I said I guess if thats necessary to get it here then fine. He refunded the amount, but THEN couldnt REORDER until we repaid for it. I said we could not charge our account another $3000 until the first $3000 had posted. He said to call right when it did and we could recharge the order (and as a courtesy take $200 off the charge) BUT in the meantime he was making a dummy order so it would save us a spot for Tuesday. I told him I would call him as soon as it posted. So Tuesday morning, I called and spoke to a different guy to give the card over the phone. This new person then told me that he could take the order but "because it wasnt TECHNICALLY paid for before the trucks left for the day" then our things had not been placed on the truck. By this point I am furious, and not to be ungrateful, but $200 is NOTHING compared to having to eat out for a family of 5 for this length of time. I didnt have a choice so he retook order but when he went to run my card, a loud obnoxious woman ( who I was told later is a manager, YIKES) who I could hear over the phone, told him he was not allowed to take payments over the phone. She said, " I am sorry but she needs to drive down here and pay. I sorry she works 45minutes away but it is what it is." The guy knew I was furious and had another employee show him how to do the payment. After that the soonest time I was given was STILL NOT TILL THURSDAY. Finally, the third party driver called me directly and stated they would be there Tuesday night after hours. At 6:40 pm he and his crew came in and were awesome and pleasant. 

I am happy with my appliances but not happy at all with the lack of orginzation and communication between the store and delivery company. Also, vehicles break down ALL THE TIME. That is LITERALLY what they do. Why does no one have a back up plan for if this happens?????? Not happy and will not be returning to Best Buy.

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Re: Lack of contingency planning

Greetings, gabbagirl!


Welcome and thank you for posting on the forums!


I truly appreciate you being a loyal customer and choosing us to purchase your new kitchen suite from us. Home delivery and install is meant to go smoothly and professionally, and most of all timely. I would be as upset if this were to happen to me. I am here to help where I can and look into this further for you.


Please, send me a private message by using the link in my signature below this post with some order details. Send me your Customer Service PIN off your receipt or order number, full name, phone number, and e-mail connected to your account. I look forward to hearing from you.



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