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LP tower installed against manufacturer instructions. Geek squad crew not honest and ill informed

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My recent LG tower unit was delivered and installed by geek squad staff. 
the staff was adamant about doing the installation their was, no customization to the Best Buy supply lines and would not utilize ant input from me.   That being said I have reviewed the installation by the geek squad, and subsequently watched the video produced by LG on property manufacturer installation of this unit.  I also read the warranty that came with my LP Tower wash and dryer machine.  

Both the  installation and the parts and labor were done outside the mrfg's directions.  They installed the unit with an excessive amount of rigid vent pipe ( installers would not cut or reduce the length of the Best Buy venting which I was required to purchase) they inskcuded three 90 degree turns in less than a 30 inch area. All these turns are horizontal, thus creating a fire hazard for the vapor and link particles to correctly escape. Standard instructions warns abiut ONE 90 degree turn un a full 25 foot installation.  

the washer drain pipe was lacking the support bracket that apparently came with the machine. I do not have any parts, they must have tossed them.  The washer machine water drain pipe is extruded nearly 2 feet above the the drain outlet and above the dryer vent. Asking the washer pump to force the water 4 feet up and then down to an unsucure pip.  The pipe is bit secured to anything as the photo states. The drain pipe support bracket is missing.  

the dryer vent is a disaster , photo shows the redicukousness of the installers lack of caring and under educated about basic fire codes and or operation of a washer machine.  

the picture is hard to tell but the power cord is resting up against the electric outlet and plug.  The heat from the dryer will likely melt all of this. Another potential fire.  Thanks Best Buy. 

When this unit dryer fails due to the motor straining to push air sideways snd down, and the washer pump dies due to being asked to work 300% time harder than it's manufactured asks, I'm sure LP will laugh at me.  And Best Buy will be delighted to sell and install another $2000 unit incorrectly.  

the lack of ethics and morals is wildly amazing here. {removed per forum guidelines}

{removed per forum guidelines}

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Re: LP tower installed against manufacturer instructions. Geek squad crew not honest and ill info...

Hello, Ssyatauw,


Thank you for visiting our online community, and we sincerely appreciate you choosing Best Buy for this investment. It is extremely important major appliances are properly installed, and our teams should be taking precautions to ensure that is the case. Based on your description, there are some aspects you were concerned with, which we would like to review.


If you would not mind sending a Private Message, that would be the most secure way to gather the necessary information. For verification purposes, please include your full name, email address, and telephone number. To send a Private Message, simply select the darker blue icon, which is located across from my signature.



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