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I paid $150 for Best Buy to install an range oven. After the contractor arrived and pulled out our oven, he immediately started adding on costs to the installation saying he can't install the oven unless he brought it up to "code". All he had to do to bring it to code (if that was even true) was add a $10-dollar junction box. He charged us $209 to install this box!! We felt backed in a corner because the old oven was pulled out but still attached and the new oven was unboxed in the kitchen. We agreed to pay it but have been very upset about it ever since. It ended up costing us $359 to install our oven. Our oven was only $750 dollars. To top it off, the entire process ONLY took 45 minutes. 


Our previous oven had stopped working several months ago and we were getting by with alternative cooking methods, but wanted to get an oven before Christmas so that our girls could bake cookies for Santa. Now I have to tell them the installation man stole Christmas from them. I'll never purchase appliances from Best Buy EVER AGAIN!! 

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Hey, pmckibban. 


I appreciate you reaching out to us regarding your recent oven installation. While I am glad we could get everything completed in your home, I can understand that this experience was a little bit different than what you expected. I wanted to provide some clarity regarding your questions and hopefully it will give you some better understanding on your installation process. 


First, our installation services are setup for only completing the removal and install of the oven without any form of modifications to electrical, plumbing, etc. inside the home. I am unaware if these expectations were given at the local store, but our number one priority is that everything is installed correctly to avoid potential issues in the future. Since I know that it would have been hard for you to determine any electrical issues before the install, we can understand that this can be quite a shocking experience when something unexpected happens. These installers, who are independent contractors, do require that all electrical work is up to code before continuing any services. Performing any install outside of these parameters will hold them liable for any future damages to the home or the appliance.  


Based on the information that you provided, it does look like this team did find improper wiring, and I feel that they were trying to find the best way of getting that completed for you in the moment. While the costs are determined by these independent contractors, it would be up to the customer at that point if they would like to have them complete the service in the moment or to have this rectified by an electrician of the client's choosing. I know that making these decisions can be tough, especially since there is a limited time window before the big holiday season, but this is something that we will never force onto any customer if they do not want to and can always look at rescheduling installation for a later date.


I know that this was a less than ideal experience, but hopefully this provides you with better understanding of how are installation process works. Please let me know if you need any further assistance and hopefully we can see you back soon! 



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Your contractors are a representation of your company and they took advantage of your customer. Your response indicates Best Buy stands behind the unethical practices of its contractors. I will no long shop at Best Buy and highly advise others not to do so as well. The only other time I have been in this situation is with home warranty companies and it is well known what a shady business that is.

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I feel confident that the installer was on the up and up, obviously being told that an item doesn't meet code in the moment is never a good thing.  I have an older condo and found that the dishwasher outlet needed to be changed out for a GFCI due to it's proximity to water.  If you want to check into the outlet, I would encourage you to start with the National Electrical Code.  It is a starting point for electrical codes that all 50 states adopted.  Your local and state governments might have additional requirements.  While I don't recall exactly what changes were made, I do remember that starting around 2008 a lot of older homes with built in or free standing oven required additional electrical work to bring them up to code.  

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