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I paid $150 for Best Buy to install an range oven. After the contractor arrived and pulled out our oven, he immediately started adding on costs to the installation saying he can't install the oven unless he brought it up to "code". All he had to do to bring it to code (if that was even true) was add a $10-dollar junction box. He charged us $209 to install this box!! We felt backed in a corner because the old oven was pulled out but still attached and the new oven was unboxed in the kitchen. We agreed to pay it but have been very upset about it ever since. It ended up costing us $359 to install our oven. Our oven was only $750 dollars. To top it off, the entire process ONLY took 45 minutes. 


Our previous oven had stopped working several months ago and we were getting by with alternative cooking methods, but wanted to get an oven before Christmas so that our girls could bake cookies for Santa. Now I have to tell them the installation man stole Christmas from them. I'll never purchase appliances from Best Buy EVER AGAIN!!