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LG OLED TV Delivery--Terrible Process and Even Worse Customer Service

This was the process of my finacé and I buying a 65" LG B7A OLED TV from Best Buy in Dedham. 


The process in the store was fine: the salesmen were polite and not overly salesy (no one makes commission they told us so we didn't feel overly pressured). The price was very good for the TV, we could not find a lower price online. We bought the TV and were told that LG needed to deliver it to us, we could not take it away that day.  That was frustrating, but we were fine waiting a few days for the TV delivery, which would be after the July 4 holiday. We had to take the morning off work, but we were able to accommodate it that one time. This is where it gets frustrating.


The delivery man came at the end of the delivery window. We had opted out of home installation so he just dropped the TV off and left. We carefully unwrapped the TV according to the instructions only to discover that the TV screen was severly cracked in multiple places and looked like it had either been dropped, something had been dropped on it or it had been stepped on. In other words, it was damage that was completely impossible by unpacking according to the instructions. Annoying.  


We tried to call customer service, but we could not log the fact that the TV was damaged until the delivery had been marked into the system which was after 8pm that day (a Thursday). We call back at 9pm to find out that the hotline closes at 9pm. It tells us to call back at 7am.  We call back at 7am Friday.  The hotline tells us it is open from 7am to 11pm CENTRAL time (We are in Eastern). Even though yesterday it closed at 9pm EASTERN. THIS DOESN'T MAKE SENSE.  We call back at 8am Eastern (7am Central).  We are told the earliest they could deliver was 7am-11am Monday morning, so one of us would have to take another morning off work.  We asked if they could fit us in on Saturday. None of the reps or the managers had any capability to override the scheduling system to get us booked on Saturday even though all the inconvenience was ENTIRELY Best Buy's fault and not our own. We are put on hold. When we get off hold, she tells us something went wrong and now the earliest delivery is Tuesday. We ask to refund the television instead because we were sick of dealing with the customer service. They tell us they can PICK UP the broken television for a refund on Monday but cannot, at the same time, bring a new replacement television. They also refuse to give us professional installation (which we only want just so the delivery person can take it out of the box and confirm whether or not it is broken not because we need help installing) despite the inconvenience.


So now, we are without a working TV. They are not coming until Monday to pick it up. We will not be refunded over $2200 until Tuesday. We spent 2+ hours in the store. 5 horus waiting at home for delivery. An hour unpacking a broken TV. At least an hour trying to figure out what time to call.  45 minutes on the phone and now another half day to wait for them to pick it up. The easiest part of the process was processing the refund--it seems that Best Buy does not want our money.


My suggestions:

1. Best Buy needs a dedication Best Buy Screw Up service where the issue is solely the fault of Best Buy or its delivery person and they have spots set aside for delivery or exchange (or special people it can dispatch) to remedy this situation. I am slightly annoyed about the broken TV, I am BEYOND irritated about being continuously inconvenienced to be delivered a product I would have been happy to haul away from the store myself.


2. Best Buy also needs to offer inconvenience services. We delivered you a broken TV? Here, we'll install it for free. We made you stay home from work multiple times? Here's a gesture of good will. It would be relatively easy to do this.


We are going to buy this TV because it's a great product, but we are not planning to use Best Buy even though they have the better price. This experience was too awful.

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Re: LG OLED TV Delivery--Terrible Process and Even Worse Customer Service

Hi boston1234 –


Welcome to the forums and thank you for posting and bringing this to our attention. I’m disheartened after reading that not only did your TV arrive damaged, but that your experience with us while working to have it replaced was greatly unsatisfactory. While I can assure you that the experience you described is not indicative of the level of service we aim to provide any of our valued customers, it certainly sounds like we dropped the ball here in a number of way, and for that I offer my sincerest apologies.


That said, I thank you for taking the time to share a detailed account of your experience with us in-store, on the phone, and during delivery. We value any and all feedback as we work to continually improve our business, and I’ll be sure to record your words here at our Corporate Offices so they may be reviewed internally. If you’d like, please feel free to send me a private message with your full name, phone number, email address, and customer service pin from your receipt, so I can record this in greater detail. You may send me a private message by selecting the blue button in my signature.


Hope to hear from you soon,

Michael|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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