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LG Dishwasher Issue

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My name is Demetri and my Mother in-law Cindy purchased a LG Dishwasher model LDP6797BD on 9/23/17 at store # 1088. The member ID # is {removed per forum guidelines}. The dishwasher was installed by a Best Buy 3rd party installer named XPO who I now understand Best Buy is no longer using. 


Since the date of purchase, the dishwasher has had issues with leaking and turning off while in operation. Best Buy notified me that I had to go through LG since the dishwasher was under warranty for a year. LG came out and replaced parts on multiple occasions although the issues were not resolved. The dishwasher since has gotten worse and barely runs at this point. I reached out to LG once again although the one year warranty has expired and they say that they can no longer help. 


I decided to look into the issue myself, assuming that I was an unfortunate consumer that purchased a lemon, and I found what had caused the problem all along. The XPO installer had forgotten to remove a peace of foam from within the dishwasher that was not allowing the door to close properly and therefore causing leaking. In doing so, water was getting into the the electrical components and shutting down my unit. Now the dishwasher does not function due to an installer error. I have time stamped photos that I can provide as well showing the installer's error.  


When I found what had actually caused the dishwasher issues, I went to the Best Buy store and they told me I had to call Best Buy Corporate and resolve the issue with them. Since then, I have called multiple times although I have not been able to reach anyone that can help me. I have been hung up on a few times and also transferred between support techs on multiple occasions that can not seem to help me. 


My Mother In-law paid $900 for this product and should not be penalized for the incompetence of a Best Buy Installer. Please assist me with this situation or point me in the right direction on who can help. 



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Re: LG Dishwasher Issue

Good afternoon, Demetri, 


Welcome to the forum, though I wish you had found us under better circumstances. It is incredibly kind of you to reach out on your mother's behalf regarding her ongoing LG dishwasher troubles. Having a dishwasher leak and stop functioning is far from ideal, especially if these issues occurred so soon after purchase. While I'm glad to hear you sought service immediately, I understand that these services didn't resolve the issue, and ultimately led to you finding indications that the installation may have not been completed correctly. 


We would be delighted to further discuss this to see what the next steps would be. As you mentioned your mother-in-law made this purchase, we would need to speak with her regarding these concerns per our Privacy policy. To reach out, she may register with the forum to send me a private message with her name, phone number, and email address. 



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