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June 3rd order, no one can schedule a delivery

I ordered a new over the range microwave with delivery and installation on June 3rd on (order number available), and picked the soonest available date (June 13th) to schedule for delivery/installation. The next day I got an email/text message and automated phone call asking me to schedule delivery (which I had already scheduled and was showing as still scheduled). I called the provided number to find out what was going on and was told that they could no schedule my delivery, and I had to talk directly to the store my order would be delivered out of. We we're still under total lockdown and customers we're allowed in our local store at the time so I called the store. After being passed through multiple employees I was told they could not schedule it either and to call the phone number I had previously called to schedule it. When I pointed out that that help number told me to call the store, they didn't know what to tell me other than they would "look into it and get back to me". The store never did. The orginally scheduled day came and when with no communication execept for an automated message telling me to reschedule.


I again called the provided number and was told that the microwave was not in stock (late june) and a delivery could not be scheduled until it was in stock (trouble ticket number available from this call). The employee (name available) told me he could flag the order to have it just delivered without scheduling (someone is ALWAYS home). I aggreed to that, and was told to watch the store pickup option on the microwave's product page for "available today" to know about when it was in stock and would be delivered. The microwave has been "Available today at a store 8 miles away" for over 2 weeks now, and its been more than 2 months since my orginial order. I still have no working microwave. 

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Re: June 3rd order, no one can schedule a delivery

I also tried again around the time of the orignal post, going through the help - chat with an agent, and was once again told "I am sorry but I am unable to schedule the delivery for you. But our backend team will get in touch with you for scheduling that and you can schedule the delivery right away."


After 2 months, I'm getting skeptical. 

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Re: June 3rd order, no one can schedule a delivery

Hi there, CattyFr, 


Welcome, and thank you for entrusting us with your over-the-range microwave purchase! It's always exciting to purchase new appliances, so I'm sure you were eager for the day of delivery and installation to arrive. With that said, it sounds like the microwave's lack of availability has caused quite the hassle, which isn't at all the experience we want for our customers. 


When an item becomes unavailable, it can be quite a wait for it to become available again. Once available though, rescheduling delivery and installation should be a simple process. I'm sorry your experience so far hasn't been. Should you like to send a private message via the link in my signature below with your name, phone number, email address, and order number, I would be delighted to see how I can assist. 



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