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Its been over a month and we're still waiting to get what we paid for

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To Whom It May Concern:**I came to your location a week before the Easter Holiday in roseville, CA with the intent of purchasing a refrigerator for my wife and my family. Once in the store the sales associate told my wife about a promotion you were having that if we purchased (*) Samsung appliance we would receive a steep discount. After hearing about the discount my wife convinced me that we should replace all of our appliances. In an effort to keep peace in my household I agreed. Unfortunately it has been a nightmare to say the least, and my wife and I have been discouraged to make any further purchases or make any recommendations for at purchases at Best Buy.**As frequent customers to Best Buy, my wife and I were appalled at the service that we received after we spent over $**** on new appliances. We purchased a washer, dryer, refrigerator, and oven. Out of those appliances, none were installed correctly and our house was damaged in the amount of $*,***.**(see attached contractors estimate). I have personally been back and forth to the store that we purchased the equipped from a total of * times* in an effort to resolve the matter and have are appliances installed and to obtain the installation kits we paid for (Water line, dryer vent). Each trip to the location is approximately ** miles one way, and ** miles in entirety. I have had to leave work early and come in on my lunch break. The issues we have had with the appliances are as follows:**Washer: When the washer delivered, the faucet ***** for the fixtures connected to our house, that turn the water on*off were broken off by the delivery man. As a result we have no way of turning the water on and off.**Dryer: The dryer cannot be used since the hose that is supposed to collect the dust from the clothing has not been properly connected to the dryer. We were told by the installer(s) that we could use the dryer a few times, but that is it. This is no way to leave a dryer with a family.**Refrigerator: When the installer(s) removed the old refrigerator, somehow they manged to unhinge the top of the safety door, so our side door will not open or close properly* and as a result cannot be locked properly. The installer(s) also left the new refrigerator in our dining room, where they severely damaged our laminate flooring in the dining room. We are also unable to use the water filter that we purchased because they did not install the refrigerator. So we have been purchasing bottles water from the store because of the situation. The refrigerator also came with a dent that was not present when we purchased nor was it on the diagram sheet the associate filled out after we purchased it. In regards to the refrigerator we brought our previous refrigerator model number in and we were assured that the refrigerator that we were purchasing would fit, this was a major concern of my wife and I, we were completely reliant upon the information that was given to us when we purchased the appliances. So when there was no attempt to take off the doors or the handles to gain access to the kitchen we became frustrated. We had installers come to our house on * occasions each time and both times they never left or water and the dryer kit that we purchased with the appliances, this also left us frustrated and added an hour to my commute. The Installer(s) also damaged the drywall at the entrance of our house bringing the appliances inside the house.**Stove: The stove we purchased was a floor model, however we were told that the **** had been replaced, but still may not work. We were willing to take the risk. We later discover that the **** had not been replaced, and now we are unable to use one of our burners. Bradley {removed per forum guidelines} (Sales Manager, Appliance Solutions) has been helpful in this matter as he has told me that he has in-fact ordered another ****. However as of right now we have yet to receive the type of service we expected and our house is in disarray.**With a family of *, we cannot afford to have our major appliances dis-function. Whether it be to wash school clothes, work clothes, or make a meal, we need our appliance fully operational. We are going to have to wash our clothes at the laundry mat, and continue to buy bottled water until this issue is resolved. This takes time that, frankly, we do not have. My wife and I are working professionals and we purchased all of the appliances that we just replaced at Best Buy a little over * years ago.**A claim has been opened regarding the property damage, however we have not heard from anyone yet and it has been over * weeks. I hope to hear from you immediately. I have pictures of the damage and an estimate from the contractor that I can provide upon request. At this point my family and I have been patient for over a month hoping our issues would be resolved. We feel we have paid more than what the appliances are worth. Our time has been disregarded, nothing is working as expected our home is in need of repairs. We have been reduced to buy filtered water every week because the refrigerator we purchased was never connected properly as promised* and we feel that we are being treated as if we don't deserve to be treated like valuable customers. **What can you do to help us?**Sincerely a concerned loyal customer

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Re: Its been over a month and we're still waiting to get what we paid for

Hello, Thomascgibbs,


Thank you for taking the time to visit our community forums to let us know about your experience with this appliance order. We work hard to provide expert service with every order and I'm disappointed to hear that you've had such a difficult time getting assistance with this. I can certainly understand how frustrating it would be to reach out to so many different people and be unable to get this resolved. I would be happy to take a deeper look in to this to see how we can best assist you moving forward.


It looks like several important details were not included in your message. Can you please send me a private message with some more information so I can continue to research this? I will need to verify your:


Full name

Email address

Phone number

Claim number

Case number (if available)


To send me a private message please click the blue button at the bottom of my post across from my name. I look forward to hearing back from you do we can continue to help you with this.

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