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Item picked up by Best Buy crew but warehouse said it didn't come to warehouse

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Hi, I am writting in this forum in hope to get resolution to the problem I have since december 2016.

My story starts 11/17/2016 when I ordered online freezer/refrigerator combo SKU-1609849, order #{removed per forum guidelines}. Refrigerator was delivered and installed 11/21/2016. I am highlighting this installed because of something that is coming up.

After couple days we all realized that type of refrigerator will not fit our needs so I made return order for first refrigerator on Best Buy website #{removed per forum guidelines}

I called Customer Service on 12/11/2016 and asked if I can exchange this SKU-1609849 for another side by side freezer/refrigerator combo. I asked Customer Service is it neccesery for me to bring first refrigerator to the store and return it, they assure me that they will arrange pick up at the same time another refrigerator is delivered. That sound reasonable for me and I ordered another freezer /refrigrator combo SKU-8244066 order #{removed per forum guidelines}.

In couple days I was receiving phone calls that truck is on the way to deliver another refrigerator andwhen I asked if they are going to pick-up first one they said that they dont have such order. So I called Customer Service again and confirmed with them to send request to warehouse to pick-up first refrigerator. So, that day came 12/26/2016 they called me saying that they coming to pick-up refrigerator. They came and picked up the first refrigerator. On manifest that they asked me to sign wasn't written that order is for picking up refrigerator but it said installation. When I asked why is it like that, guy was so rude and said that is just formality. I wrote next to my signature that refrigerator was picked up. they left. Manifest that they gave me have this informations: FMS#{removed per forum guidelines}, Create location:960, Stop #8 Crew ID:{removed per forum guidelines}

On 12/30/2016 second refrigerator was delivered. {removed per forum guidelines} SKU--8244066.

So time passed and I received first bill from my credit card and I see that they didn't issue me refund for the first refrigerator. So called and they said that they are waiting for information from warehouse, and it may take another month. So next month same thing, and another month and another. I been calling Best Buy Customer Service and spent hrs and hrs on the phone and their final answer is that warehouse can't confirm that refrigerator is returned to them and that I need to file dispute claim with my credit card company which I don't want because it is Best Buy responsibility to issue me refund and keep track of the events and merchandise.

It is clear that this is inside job and warehouse have their part in stealling from company. If refrigerator didn't make back in the warhouse then someone drowe it home. 

I am refusing to pay for this refrigerator. I don't have it for long time in my house it is returned. Where is it? How I am suppose to know? I have witnesses from day it was picked up. Remodelling crew from company  that remodelled my kitchen were present at the time Best Buy crew came and pick it up. I am hoping that this issue will be resolved. I been loyal Best Buy customer(Elite member) and I paid everything I ever bought on time. This is very hard for me and honestly I can't believe what I am going through. 

Please help me. 






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Re: Item picked up by Best Buy crew but warehouse said it didn't come to warehouse

Hi lilburn2016,

Welcome to the forums and thanks for the post! Having received a new fridge recently, I know it’s important to find one that works for you. I regret to hear about the difficulties that you’re having with the exchange. 

It certainly doesn’t sound like you’ve found yourself in the most ideal situation. I’d really like to look a bit further into this and to do so I’ll need just a bit more information. I’m going to reach out privately to gather that additional information. Be on the lookout for a message from me in your inbox!


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