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It's been 3 weeks and 4 appointment windows later and still no range

My understanding of all the ways Best Buy can screw up and not make it right after many hours on the phone and having paid for a gas range 3 weeks ago that we still don’t have in our home


  • If you get scheduled for a basic installation when you need a regulated installation the installer can’t leave the range and you cannot depend on the store associate selling the item to get more information or give you correct information about the installation you need despite describing the setup.


  • If you then have the correct installation type scheduled a week later but the item is damaged, it CANNOT be expedited and nothing can be re-ordered until the damaged item is scanned back in which can take 48 hours no matter what the Best Buy person may tell you about “expediting” the order.  Also the installer is not allowed to do the pre-work for the regulated installation without the range and cannot just hook back up the old stove that had a functioning cooktop.  So you are in the same order in the queue as someone coming off the street while you have no stove – wait actually behind because you had to wait 2 days for the damaged item to be checked back in before the replacement range could be ordered.


  • If the delivery/installation for the new range is rescheduled, there is nothing in the system to make sure the person rescheduling has the same installation as the type as the last attempt with the damaged equipment – a totally different company can be scheduled with the wrong type of installation


  • Once the wrong type of installation is scheduled for the range/delivery, it is very difficult to correct in the system without kicking you to a different date because now you need a 90 minute window which the installer may not have available for the same window.


  • When you get the new date of the delivery/installation if the orders are somehow unsynced you CANNOT just get the delivery one day and the installation a different day AND you can’t have installation order updated to include pickup of the range despite being assured by multiple people thatboth things are possible and having two different 12-8pm delivery/installation windows.  You only find out it didn't work after waiting there all day and having the orders canceled and rescheduled DURING the window.


  • After waiting for the 4th time – that is correct, 4th time for a delivery and installation, apparently, it is not possible to get scheduled for delivery ONLY for the Monday after you had your delivery canceled on the Friday.


  • Oh and the store that sold the item and gave incorrect information at the start is not responsible for delivery or installation issues and cannot credit/expedite etc.


I don’t know what more to do with Best Buy.  I cannot take more time off from work and I need an oven delivered as soon as possible – especially one that I’ve already paid for. 

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Re: It's been 3 weeks and 4 appointment windows later and still no range

Hey there, Ry3,

Thank you for taking the time to join our community, and for bringing your experience to our attention. This is a far cry from the service we aim to provide, and I'd like the opportunity to learn more about what happened and do all that I can to assist. To review your order and service, I will need to gather some additional details first.

For clarification, has your delivery and installation since been rescheduled? When you get the chance, can you please send me a private message that includes your full name, phone number, email address, and order number? You can send me a secure message by using the Private Message button below. I hope to hear from you soon!

Best Regards,

Alyssa|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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