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It's Official: No One at Best Buy Cares

So I'm sitting here in the reality that my dryer isn't coming today. Just like it wasn't coming yesterday. We bought it online Sunday night. Best Buy's website didn't have any trouble taking our money. But they couldn't seem to update our address. We updated it on the website... we updated it on the phone with three different people throughout the week as they called to confirm our delivery. "No, that's not the address. That's not the number to call. Here's the number and address..." Over and over again, each person assuring us that it's all updated and no problem. But the first delivery date was wrong. So it has to be changed... And again, "No, that's not the address. That's not the number to call. Here's the number and address..." Even last night when they called during dinner, same conversation... "We assure you that we've updated all your info. No problem..." Nope. The delivery folks called the wrong number and went to the wrong house, only a quarter mile from where I live now. But they cannot possibly deliver it now. And I'm missing work and have lost an entire day and the folks on the phone only direct me to call again and schedule a new delivery date.

Today, the customer service rep reviewed all the calls throughout the week. Not even a record of last night's call. Not...even...a...record. No one cares, people. Best Buy does not care about you or your job or your family or your laundry. 

Best Buy doesn't care that it costs $50 to do a family's laundry at the laundry mat. Best Buy doesn't care that I've missed work. Couldn't even reschedule today. I have to call back tomorrow. Told them that I'd like to cancel my order. I no longer want the dryer. We can't even do that yet. Not until the dryer is out of transit. "Okay, then can they just bring it to my house at the end of the day?" Nope. "Is Best Buy prepared to compensate me for these mishaps?" Nope. "Can I please speak to a manager?" Nope. Plenty of empty apologies, however. So we'll cancel the purchase as soon as Best Buy lets us... Wow. 

Best Buy couldn't care less about my $850 plus the addtional time and money we've lost. The only way to even share this problem is through this community forum. Does anyone at Best Buy even read this? What are the values of this company? Do they have any? If the mission statement of Best Buy is "take the customer's money and then make everything really really hard," then everyone involved in our Whirlpool dryer scenario should get a raise. No correct info, no empathy, no record of my call, and NO DRYER. "High fives all around!" says Best Buy. 

Cautiously optimistic that Lowes will care about my $850...


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Re: It's Official: No One at Best Buy Cares

Hello kellyraeruss,


Thank you for joining us at the Best Buy Community forums.  I apologize that your address wasn’t correctly update on your order and that it lead to you having multiple missed deliveries. I know how frustrating that must be for you.


Our company values are publically available here, and it sounds like we fell short on living up to them in your case. In particular it feels like we didn’t respect your time, or show humility in owning up to our mistake. If you’d still like to try and get your order delivered I’d be happy to see if there’s anything I can do to help you out with that.


Using the information in your post, however, I wasn’t able to locate your order in our systems. If you could send me a private message by using the link in my signature below this post with some order details, that would be helpful. Please include your name, and order number, along with the email address and phone number associated with the order. Please also include your correct address.


Please note that under our Privacy Policy we are only able to assist the person who actually made the order. If the order is under another person’s name, I’d ask that they register an account here with us and reach out to me through that private message instead.



Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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