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Installer couldn't install shutoff, now I have to wait a week

Bought a new dishwasher, delivered yesterday. The installer saw that my existing dishwasher water supply line isn't a typical installation, because my house has polybutylene water pipes (similar to PVC). He said he couldn't install, and I needed to call a plumber then reschedule the installation. I pointed out that all it needed was a sharkbite fitting to convert the pipe from polybutylene to copper, then we could put a standard shutoff valve. He said he couldn't rely on my existing shutoff valve working, and if he cut my pipe and the valve wasn't working I'd have to shut off all water in my house.

This isn't my complaint, even though I feel they should be able to work with my situation. I drove to Home Depot, got regular old stock stuff off the shelf, and made the switch in literally five minutes. The installer should be able to do this, and charge me more, that would have been fine. 

My real complaint is, the installer said, "just call and reschedule, we usually come out the same day because it's a service call, not a delivery". Ok, great. Except Best Buy stores DON'T ACCEPT PHONE CALLS ANYMORE! Are you serious? I can't call the store, period. I called the national number, waited on hold for about 15 minutes, then I was told I have to wait a week to get someone back out here. I explained that the installer said it should be a same day call, and she said only the store manager could make that happen. Ok, connect me to the store manager. Oh no we can't do that, because Best Buy stores DON'T ACCEPT PHONE CALLS ANYMORE! I was told I'd have to drive 30 minutes to the store to SEE if the manager would help me out, no guarantees. I just can't believe I can't call the store. This was a very bad decision by Best Buy corporate.

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Re: Installer couldn't install shutoff, now I have to wait a week

If it's actually PB pipe and not PEX, it wouldn't pass code anywhere that I know of. Also sharkbyte fittings generally don't pass most places also , only the crimp fitting do. I licenced installer could not touch it.
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Re: Installer couldn't install shutoff, now I have to wait a week

Hi there, cbplaysguitar!


Thank you for joining our community here on the Best Buy Forums. Doing the dishes is personally my least favorite chore, so I can understand wanting to have your dishwasher up and running ASAP. Since posting here, have you receive the help that you need with this situation? If not, I am happy to see how I may be able to assist. 



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