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Installation that never happened

Here's my story as to why I wont be using best buy for anything in the future.

I scheduled a tv mount installation weeks ago for this sunday. The window time they gave me was 12-4pm. 4pm rolls around no geek squad, no phone call. So I call them. They dont know whats going on. They call the tech...cant reach him. They call his manager...cant reach him. I explained that I took off work for this and what were they going to do to make it right. They offered me a $25 gift card. Seriously? I make more in a a shift than the cost of the entire installation. All they could do was leave the tech a message. They couldnt get anyone else out to do the job.

2 hours later the tech calls to say he cant make it today but we could reschedule for some other time. I can take off work for that too? No way. So I tell him I want to cancel. He says no problem he can do that for me right then and that I would receive an email confirming the cancellation and my money back in 24 hours.

48 hours goes email. So I call and waste more time calling customer support, get rerouted 3 times only to be told, yes its cancelled but we cant give you any confirmation email. could be a month before you get your money back for a job they never did that I lost more money on by taking off of work for their scheduled appointment.

Thinking of calling geek squad? Think again my friend.