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Installation of Dryer not as requested/venting

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Order # {removed per forum guidelines} on 6/30/19...for second home just purchased.  Much time spent measuring and discussing size needs with Michael {removed per forum guidelines} (salesman), including need for side vent to dryer.  He assured us that installers have all they need on their trucks.

Nice gentlemen came to install on 7/3 and did not have side vent kit, just generic rear install kit.  I spent 6 hours with multiple persons on that day, with multiple dumps back into queue to document problem and arrange for fix.  Told to call after 6 PM as not recorded yet by installers.  After 4 hours on phone, with transfers, etc., finally informed by last person at 10 PM that I need to call next day as not in system yet.

7/4...appointment set for 7/9 10-12 for side-vent reinstall.

Here in San Clemente (250 miles @ $ 0.50/mile cost on leased vehicle and approx $25 charge for tolls, and installer called before coming.  Each trip here costs me approx. $150; besides the time waste.  When asked if he had the side vent kit, he noted he did not and would contact wharehouse and get back to me; never did.

On phones all day with a total of 11 people; same queue problems.  Gave up and called directly to selling location.  Crystal there was very pleasant, but no return calls after she elevated the problem.  Scott (manager?) called by me and told about situation again.  He had Heidi (manager) call back; very pleasant and accomodating.  Return visit now arranged for 7/31.  We'll see.....