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Installation disaster - BestBuy you lost a loyal customer

I purchased 4 LG appliances (dishwasher, range oven, washer, dryer) from BestBuy on October 3rd 2020 - I ordered delivery and installtion. I also purchased a membership to make sure my install goes smoothly and I can get the support if needed. Since there is a delay in all appliance supplies, my delivery and install was scheduled to November 14th 2020. 


A few days before Nov 14th, I got a confirmation from MasterPro appliance install service regarding delivery and install. On Nov 14th. they showed up on time, but everything went majorly wrong after that. The 2 delivery guys insisted that they won't do the install because they don't have the time, they're too busy. I called geek squad while they wereat the door, the agent confirmed to them that they are supposed to do the install. The saod no, we can't install 4 appliances, the delivery guy yelled at the bestbuy agent saying "Do you want me to work here until 2am? I can't install these appliances". They told me I can either accept the delivery or they'll take it back to the warehouse, they even wanted to just drop them off out of my apaprtment not even inside. They told me to call their boss. The owner of MasterPro did not get back to me for several hours, in the end when he finally got back to me he said, my place was not ready for the install and made up lies about random things, that I don't have a 110V plug for stove etc.. which were all incorrect. They had no intentions to install anything that day,as stated by the MasterPro employee. The owner was very rude, he said I'm not his customer, he doesn't care since this is a besbuy order and he will not do the install. 


In the meantime I've been on the phone with several geek squad agents. 2 of them were really nice and understanding, 4 of them hang up on me. But none of them can produce a solution. So today is November 17th. 6.5 weeks since I bought and paid for the appliance and install and 3 days since the failed install.


As others are experiencing, the order is stuck at the "IN TRANSIT" mode, 1 agent forwarded the request to dispatch on Nov 15th, and another agent did the same again on Nov 16th. But still no change in status. 


These appliances were for my new place that I am moving in on Nov 21st Saturday, right now I have 4 giant appliance boxes sitting in the middle of the living room, I have no idea how I will fit my furniture in there. 


This is a disaster. It is no way to provide a service. I am assuming it'll take probably anouher 6 weeks for BestBuy to schedule the install. At this point, I am considering hiring someone myself out of pocket to get the install done since BestBut doesn't seem to take responsibility at all and does absolutely nothing to solve a problem that they created.


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Re: Installation disaster - BestBuy you lost a loyal customer

I guess they won't even answer this forum. I had to pay out of pocket for installation of 4 appliances and also had to purchase the install parts since that company never brought them on the day of delivery.

I am trying to get the membership they sold me canceled and trying to get a full refund since I wasn't able to benilefot from the membership at all, why pay $200 for nothing? When I went to the store they told me that can only be done on the phone, and then the geek squad agent on the phone told me that can be done in the store, but he'll try, and I should get a call back and a resolution in 24-48 hours. That was 2 weeks ago. Thats always the standard line with the geek squad calls. "don't worry, we Wil ltake care of this and someone will contact you in 24-48 hours". This incident happened on November 14th, today is December 4th, not a single call or email response from BestBuy. I had no idea BestBuy customer support was such a disaster.
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Re: Installation disaster - BestBuy you lost a loyal customer

Hello, toprak,


Welcome to the Best Buy Forums. First, let me first take a moment to apologize for the delay in our response. Moving into a new home should be an exciting time, and often involves having to purchase new appliances. We appreciate you choosing Best Buy for the investment, although your experience is a far cry from what we aim to provide. If you had requested installation during the initial purchase, that should have been carried out on the scheduled date. Based on your description of events, there were other facturs that we would also want to address. Thank you for making us aware, as we definitely want to offer any support you may still need.


If you are still in a position where you require assistance, please send our team a Private Message. For verification purposes, please be sure to include your full name, email address, and telephone number.


We look forward to hearing from you.

Sarah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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