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Installation Reschedule Issues

Dear Best Buy,

I am writing to express my extreme dissatisfaction with the installation service provided by your company. I purchased a washer and dryer set with my Best Buy credit card from your store on February 16, 2023, and was told that the installation would take place on February 21, 2023 between 12PM-4PM. The technicians came earlier then expected.

When the geek squad showed up, your technician said that due to the age of my plumbing fittings that he would not do the install until I had the fittings replaced. Since we were unable to come to an agreement about the installation, I asked them to hold my products and re-schedule the install.

After your people left, I received a call from the technician who told me that I would be scheduled for an install tomorrow, February 22 between 12PM-4PM. I went online to look at re-scheduling my appointment and the earliest time I could have both items delivered was March 2nd. That’s an extra nine days I need to wait.

I was able to fix the plumbing within two hours after being told I had to fix the problem in order to have the washer and dyer installed. I called customer service and went back to the store to try and get a quicker install date. Neither was able to help me.

This delay has caused a significant inconvenience for me and my family, as we have been without a working washer and dryer for far too long. I have had to resort to using a laundromat to wash and dry our clothes, which has been both time-consuming and expensive.

I am extremely disappointed in the lack of communication and poor service provided by your company. I expect better from a company as well-known and reputable as Best Buy. I would like a resolution to this issue as soon as possible, and I request that you provide me with an installation time sooner than March 2nd.

If we are unable to fix the situation, then I will be canceling my credit card and no longer make large purchases at your stores.

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Re: Installation Reschedule Issues

Hey there, mcoogan282.


Thanks for reaching out to us here on the Best Buy Forums. When I purchase appliances, I expect them to be delivered and installed as soon as possible, so I understand your frustration. With our appliance installation, our Geek Squad Agents do not do plumbing work, as that is the responsibility of the homeowner. If the plumbing is an issue, we will not perform the installation, as that could cause issues later on. If we need to reschedule, then we would do that once the plumbing has been fixed or updated. I would be happy to see if there is an earlier date we have available. Can you please send me a private message with your full name, phone number, email address, and order number, so I can look into this?



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