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Installation/Purchase Compliment—Best Buy-Moore, Ok 2700 S. Service Rd.

I wanted to somehow reach out in order to compliment the automobile electronics installation employees. I was looking to purchase a remote starter for my Wife’s vehicle as a Christmas gift. Although I did have quite a few issues dealing with contradictory information while trying to I quite & arrange things over the phone with the employees initially—once I physically came to the store things went more than smoothly.

I apologize for not having each person’s name on hand at the moment, but upon entering the Manager on duty immediately brought me straight to the Installation Bay so that the Lead Tech could speak with me. In 5-8 minutes (no joke whatsoever!) he was able in overwhelming detail to explain every option available, the pros & cons of each, and give recommendations for possible future upgrade capabilities versus standard installation equipment with a cost break-down analysis. I admit it was a crash course but it was exceedingly expeditious and helpful.

Once I made my choice he personally rang me up, gathered the equipment, and stated that due to needing to train a co-worker he would fit me in if I could sneak away my Wife’s vehicle by the end of the day. A few hours later I returned, hoping that I was not too late because of traffic and somehow missed my installation opportunity. They immediately said come right in and began working, while offering me the chance to watch & learn or look around the store. I cannot express how surprised I was with the complete professional (and once again) expedient way the installation process went.

In an amazingly short amount of time they were advising me on the functions of the system, and helping me with the product’s accompanying App set-up. They even gave me a few really intriguing ideas on how other customers had surprised people with the gift!

It was amazing to see them work, while the Lead Tech was also teaching his co-worker. My Christmas was saved by these gentlemen and I had a VERY surprised & happy Wife! Thank you to all involved and I hope that the extra needed help within the Department has been met, along with saying that the Lead Tech is most definitely in need of a good conduct raise for his beyond A+ service excellence. He did not have to fit me in, nor accommodate me in the way he did but that is how top tier employees operate in my opinion. I could go on-and-on but I hope this compliment gets filtered down to the Store & the individuals responsible so that they know just how much I sincerely valued their time & effort on my part!
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Re: Installation/Purchase Compliment—Best Buy-Moore, Ok 2700 S. Service Rd.

Super awesome to hear you received the expert service we strive to give each and every client! Thank you for taking the time to register with the Best Buy forums to share, and a moderator should be by to pass this feedback along through the appropriate channels for kudos to be sent out to store!

Have a fantastic day!

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Re: Installation/Purchase Compliment—Best Buy-Moore, Ok 2700 S. Service Rd.

Hi there, mie11334,


Welcome to our community forums. It's always great to hear about one of our store locations helping you get exactly what you need and I'm delighted to hear that they were able to help make Christmas come together. Thank you for very much for taking the time to let us know about your experience and I will be sure the management team at our Best Buy Moore know about this so this Autotech can be recognized. We look forward to seeing you again to help you out with your next purchase!



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