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Installation Charge's

Chat Start Time Jul 24, 2019 20:13:54 GMT Chat End Time Jul 24, 2019 20:54:26 GMT Chat Duration 00:40:32 Operator Marvin S Visitor (20:18:21 GMT) : Yes, and was wondering if you run the plug and cables behind the dry wall Marvin S (20:18:32 GMT) : yes we do hide wires on the wall. Marvin S (20:18:43 GMT) : Yes, we do. Visitor (20:19:07 GMT) : Seriously? so I won't see any wires? Marvin S (20:19:28 GMT) : That's right. That is part of the service. Visitor (20:29:42 GMT) : Ok so I'm clear about hiding the wires, cut a hole behind TV, run wires / cables inside the wall to the electrical outlet area? Marvin S (20:30:58 GMT) : Yes that correct. Now the installers arrive and inform my mother that it would cost $ 150.00 to hide the wires in the wall. After I asked twice about the service and twice I was told it is included in the BASIC service. Now I see that it wasn't included but if I would've gone with the $ 199.00 installation it would've been included. I paid $ 129.00 for the basic, so doing the math the difference from the two levels of installation is $ 70.00. Why did the installers charge $ 150.00 Plus we was charged $ 120.00 for two HDMI cables. Seriously $ 60.00 each. I can purchase a 12' HDMI cable pretty much anywhere for under $ 20.00. This additional $ 279.00 for installation is unacceptable. What can I do? If I was told up front that I was looking at $ 479.00 for installation I wouldn't have set up the appointment.