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Installation Appointment missed dew times

I have been long time Best Buy customer and good experience. Recently while ordering my dishwasher, I also purchased their TotalTech membership. All of sudden my good experience finished. I have scheduled installation few times. First time, given windows of 12-8 PM. No one came and no message. Second time, some one did come but asked to replace a pipe and call again to schedule. This guy gave me option to return delivery or accept delivery and call again to just schedule installation. To save their time also, I went with second option. Big mistake.


After repalcing pipe called again to schedule installation for another day 12-8 PM. Installation person did not come but haul away guy came, which he could not. Called BestBuy, they apologised and scheduled another appointment few days later. This time set installation and haul away on separate dates. Again window of 12-8 PM. I checked with them at 4 PM to see if some one was coming and they said yes. 06:30 PM called again and was told yes, some one is still coming. I doubted but had to trust. Missed event in kids school. No one came and no messages.


I thought this must be unique experience because I have not experienced this with any other retailers. But then I came across this thread and seems it is common with BestBuy. Which means, cannot trust even next appointment. How many times I am going to stay home for nothing? So, instead I would just try to get my money back and ask them to pick their appliance and cancel this Totaltech. 

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Re: Installation Appointment missed dew times

Hi, msingh2,


Having just gone through a less than ideal experience with a contractor missing appointments, I can certainly understand your concerns here. It simply should not have ben this hard to get this dishwasher installed. I would love to look into this for you. Can you send me a private message with your name, phone number, email address, and order number? To send me a private message simply click on the message button in my signature.



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