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Install Time-frame Windows and No-shows, Unacceptable!

I purchased a KitchenAid dishwasher on Sept 7th. I paid the extra money and purchased Best Buy Total Tech Support.  It was to be installed on Sept 25th between 12pm-4pm.  The service tech didn’t arrive until after 5pm.  His co-worker had called in sick and he was performing all of the installs by himself all day and was running behind. 


Shortly after he left our dishwasher started beeping and flashing codes.  We shut down the power and restarted the dishwasher.  It worked fine for a few days.  We ran 2-3 loads through the dishwasher.  In the middle of the night, it started beeping again and flashing the same codes.  However, we hadn’t even used the dishwasher that day.  We tried shutting it off and back on but it did not clear the code like it did the previous time. 


I called Best Buy and they recommended calling KitchenAid.  I called KitchenAid and set up a service visit.  The soonest they could come was October 15 and gave me time frame of 8am to 4pm.  The KitchenAid Service tech arrived and inspected the dishwasher.  He said that it had multiple problems and was giving him a bunch of different codes and recommended that I call best buy back and request an exchange. 


I called Best Buy and they gave me some run around about it being after the 30 days but after some convincing, they authorized an exchange and the earliest date that would work was November 2nd.  I was given a time frame of 12pm-8pm.


The service tech called yesterday (November 2nd) at 11:20am and said he would be at our house in 4 minutes.  I told him I was not home and wouldn't be home until the top of the hour.  My appointment was scheduled for 12pm-8pm, an 8 hour window.  The service tech asked if I wanted to cancel my appointment and I told him "No, I don't want to cancel. I want it delivered within the 8 hour delivery window".  I felt like he was trying to trick me into cancelling so he could say that I wanted to cancel.  He said that he would have to call his dispatch and hung up.  He never called back and never came to deliver the new dishwasher.  I took a 1/2 day of vacation to have this removal/exchange performed.  Now, after a few phone calls to Best Buy, the earliest I can have this exchange performed is Nov 19th.  Another 2 and a half weeks without a dishwasher.  This is not acceptable.  


I have taken the following days of vacation to deal with this issue:

1/2 day of vacation on September 24th.  Install scheduled for 12-4pm and the tech showed up after 5 pm and I would not have needed to take off.

Full day of vacation on October 15th for the KitchenAid service appointment to verify the dishwasher was inoperable.

1/2 of vacation on Nov 2nd for exchange and the service tech No-showed.  

3 hours of work today calling customer service and emailing. 


Now I will have to take off another half day on Nov 19th for the rescheduled appointment.


I'm going to be at 2.5 days of vacation and 3 hours (today) of time away from work that I've had to take to deal with this issue.  Now, Best Buy says they can't get a service tech out until Nov 19th to do the swap after the service tech yesterday no-showed.  This is totally unacceptable and I am completely dissatisfied. 


Why even have installation timeframe windows if they can’t stick to them?  I have been a best buy customer for many, many years.  However, if this isn’t resolved in some way or I am not compensated for my time, I will not be purchasing any other appliances or any other items from Best Buy in the future.

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Re: Install Time-frame Windows and No-shows, Unacceptable!

Hello, ghostrider204,


Thank you for visiting our online community, although I wish the reason for your correspondence was related to a positive experience. It is a relief to know an exception was made, so a new dishwasher could be delivered and installed. That said, if the appointment was missed, it stands to reason you would be seeking further support.


I see your post was published several days ago. While I do hope a resolution has been put in place, our team would be happy to offer our assistance, if necessary. You’re welcomed to send a Private Message, so we can gather the required information.



Sarah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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