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Install Pkg Items Missing - but not really...

I have quite literally been on the phone with BB for 3 solid hours speaking with MANY different agents, all of whom have been very polite but also very perplexed. Here's my story:


I made an online purchase for the Sony Apple CarPlay w/free installation at BB-Downey to be installed in at BB-Downey on July 5th.

Because of job constraints & travel, this has to be done before July 8th.


After I made the purchase, I received an email stating one of the parts needed would not be available until July 11, 2019. Well, that's kind of a problem, so I found that particular part at BB-Pasadena -- figured I could just take that over to Downey for the install.


However, now I have been charged with TWO (necessary) parts -- only need one and no one at BB can figure out how to cancel the one part bundled in my order. The ENTIRE radio/parts/install order was cancelled, so I had to start over.


Hour 3:  the final person I spoke with (now at "corporate") suggested to go ahead and pick up the part in Pasadena, bring it to Downey, do the install and wait for the other item to eventually show -- at THAT point, I should go online and try to get a refund for the extra part. I have my doubts because that could: 1. affect the bundle; 2. may not have an option to refund


Good grief -- is there anyone out there who knows anything and can HELP?!


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Re: Install Pkg Items Missing - but not really...


Welcome to our community. I can certainly understand your concerns with the upcoming installation, and if the part wasn't available in time it would be understandable to look for other installation bays that may have it in stock.  It's great to hear that one of the nearby stores has this item in their inventory, but I'm unhappy to read that you've been charged two times for the order, and ultimately had to start over. 

The first thing I'd recommend is confirming your appointment date with the Downey location to ensure you still have that date secured.  That said, I'd then recommend making sure you have acquired the part that needed to be ordered online to complete the installation. 


I'd like to look into this for you, but will need some information to begin. If you will please send me a private message that includes the following, I’ll get started:


  • Your full name
  • Your telephone number
  • Your email address
  • Your order number


To send me a private message, please click the button labeled "Private Message" in my signature below. 


I look forward to hearing from you.

John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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