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Install Nightmare

I ordered three appliances on Black Friday from Best Buy: a gas range, a washing machine, and dryer. I understood that this order may take a while, as the washer was back ordered. I was super excited when I learned that I was going to be getting them sooner than I had expected. I recieved all three appliances on January 11, 2021.

I recieved a call saying that they woud be at my house in approximately two hours, but didn't show up until over three hours later. They only sent one guy to deliver my appliances, because of this he would not haul away my old washer and dryer or install my new washer and dryer. This is because they were stacked. He then suggested my boyfriend, help him. I was frustrated because I had paid extra so that he and I would not have to do the work. When I informed him that my boyfriend was at work but would be home shortly, he refused to wait the half hour for him to arrive, even though I was his last delivery of the day. I asked him when someone would be by to install and haul away the washer and dryer and he told me he did not know, but that Best Buy would call and reach out to me to schedule this.

48 hours went by and I did not hear from Best Buy so I called them to schedule the install and haul away. Because Best Buy only comes to my area one day a week, the soonest delivery date I coul get was January 26. The delivery windows on Tuesdays not only interferes with my school schedule, but also my work schedule, but because it was only one day I figured it would be fine. I sat around all day on the 26th and no one came and i never received a phone call that my install had been cancelled.

Since then I have spoken to countless customer service representatives, store representatives, and have used the Best Buy website to try to get my washer and dryer installed and the old ones hauled away. This has taken hours away from my work and school. I have had multiple install dates at this point and not once has anyone shown up to do what I have paid for. I was supposed to have gotten them installed today. Yesterday, I decided to stop by the store I ordered my appliances from to confirm this, as I was in the area. They had NO RECORD of a delivery being scheduled and their systems showed that I needed to schedule this. 

The soonest date they had available was March 2nd, ANOTHER THREE WEEKS. They scheduled this and I left unhappy, as I have been without a working washer and dryer for a while now and have missed school and work to deal with this. When I got home yesterday, I had a notification that I needed to reschedule my install AGAIN. I did it through the Best Buy website and it allowed me to schedule for the same date and time that it had been scheduled for in-store. 

Well this morning I woke up to another email saying I needed to reschedule. I called Best Buy to do this and AGAIN scheduled it for March 2nd. A few hours ago I recieved ANOTHER email saying I needed to reschedule my delivery. In less than 24 hours I have had this rescheduled for the SAME DATE AND TIME FOUR TIMES.

This is ridiculous! I have never experienced such a lack of competence in my life! I had recently received less than great service prior to ordering these appliances through Best Buy when I had ordered a dishwasher. (The story behind that is I had ordered a dishwasher beginning of October and kept getting weird notices. Anyways they had oversold it, then had to return it and purchase a new one and the delivery process was HORRIBLE and I had multiple days that I sat around waiting for a delivery that came in LATE DECEMBER). My family has been ordering from Best Buy for as long as I can remember and have always been super happy with the care and service provided. I have now ordered 6 major appliances from Best Buy myself and will NEVER again.

At this point I just want a refund/credit, for Best Buy to reimburse me for my time wasted as I have spent over 20 hours dealing with this DISASTER, and to figure out what Best Buy is going to do to insure that this doesn't happen to another customer