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Improper Delivery/Install Endangering Family

Hopefully this will reach someone with real authority to resolve my horrific appliance purchase experience and maybe save a good customer's future business. I should preface this by saying I am extremely upset at this point and rightfully so. Despite the countless efforts of a wonderful customer service agent named Tammy, and many follow-up calls from her, Best Buy's 'lowest bid' (I assume) 3rd party installation and service vendors have screwed up her efforts so far over the last couple months. I have tried many many times to deal with this on phone calls and it never ends, so let's try this.

I purchased a refrigerator and dishwasher in December 2019, it's now March 2020. This purchases put me over $10k in the year, also including the purchases of a new laptop and TV. I'd like to think that makes me a valued customer.

Let's start with the day of the initial delivery...

The installation team damaged my walls, a pantry door they removed in an effort to avoid taking off refrigerator doors, and damaged the refrigerator itself with scratches. Unfortunately, despite there being a 1/2 inch clearance through the opening leading to the kitchen, they ignored my suggestions to carefully whell it in straight using a dolly. Instead, without warning, they remove my pantry door to attempt to open the doors and twist it into the kitchen by manuevering it into the pantry. The door removed has never operated properly since and the frig has scratches from day one. The ice maker didn't work right and has since been replaced. What really stinks is that I wasn't aware of these issues til they were gone, even tipped them $50 since it was Christmas time, but it just gets worse from there.

The dishwasher was installed despite having a defective door which wasn't tested properly prior to leaving. The first time the unit ended a cycle, it popped open automatically as the Samsung model is designed for, but the door dropped to the ground like a sledge hammer, barely scraping my leg. Luckily I was wearing jeans and didn't get injured. However, it would have potentially KILLED MY 1YR OLD DAUGHTER by crushing her skull if she happened to be crawling by at that moment. If you don't believe me, try dropping a defective one on your head to see. The problem was the door wasn't connected to the spring mechanism that prevents this from happening.

Then comes the many post-delivery appointments or attempts to have appointments...

The diswasher unit was later replaced with a new unit, but after the initial installer risked my childs life, the different replacement installer continued the trend. Unknown to me at the time, the second installer attempted to double-down on using the wrong dihwasher power cord. My house requires the top outlet be used for the dishwasher as the bottom one is on a switch for the garbage disposal. The cord they used is designed for a bottom outlet only. One day suddenly the unit has no power. I look under the sink cabinet and see that the prongs of the power cord are barely in the outlet and creating sparks under my sink. I AM VERY LUCKY MY HOUSE DIDN'T BURN DOWN WITH MY FAMILY IN IT. The installers, yes 2, and both different, felt it ok to try to bend the thick cord at a 90 degree angle to force it to work in the top outlet despite there being a disposal plugged in right below it. The cord is so thick it bent itself back into shape, thereby pushing the prongs of the dishwasher cord out of the outlet, just enough to maybe torch my house. So I had to keep unplugging it between uses and checking on it during the wash cycles to make sure the cord hadn't forced itself back out again yet.

Best Buy sent another service person out, the second installer again by some chance. Not smart. This person decides to rip off the grounding prong and turn the cord upside down to resolve the problem. What am I supposed to even say at that point, the cord was destroyed, the same person just got 2 chances given by Best Buy to mess this up, and wasn't even worth talking to due to a clear lack of common sense. I simply let him leave and immediately called Best Buy. I mean, there is a tag right on the cord telling you that modifying it is an electrical hazard, unbelieveable. So now, in the potentially wettest place in my home, I have an ungrounded cord connected to a metal device that can be touched easily by my 1YR old. Yes, I check for water leaks several times a day now while I wait for a resolution.

No less than 4 attempts I can think of have been made to resolve this faulty dishwasher installation issue since then. First appt attempt, a callfrom the vendor, a question about why they were coming, a promise of a call back, then NO CALL NO SHOW. Second appt attempt, a call, a conversation again with a Best Buy 3rd party vendor trying to find out why they are coming, then a cancelled appt while they try to get the right cord. Third appt attempt, I receive a message saying there was an emergency and the tech was unable to come. Ok, life happens, I get it. Fourth attempt was today, guy calls, agains asks why lol. C'mon man. I say "so you probably don't have the cord you need if you don't know why you are coming". He says " I don't even service dishwashers". Seriously, an appliance tech that doesn't service dishwashers sent out on a dishwasher appt. Needless to say, I haven't heard back from him and don't expect to. He said he would call back, but I have heard that one before.

Now I honestly don't know whether to laugh, cry, or yell at this point. I went with Best Buy despite many other places I could have gone because I have always had great service during the sale, installations, and waraanty service (which I always buy along with products). Tammy customer service attempts have been all she can do within the rules she lives by, I believe that. So far I think she's requested as much as 2 - $250 credits to my account. However, this is insane. If Best Buys thinks they can risk the life of my family members on multiple occasions and buy me off with a 12.5% reimbursement, while continuing to abuse me through their 3rd party vendors, then I don't want to do business with them any more. All I wanted was what I paid for, a simple new frig in mint condition that doesn't require my house being messed up to get in installed and a dishwasher that won't kill me or my family. Now I want real action, real internal communication between Best Buy and 3rd party vendors, competent 3rd party vendors, a resolved problem somehow, and seriously drastic compensation and apologies when it's all said and done.

No more excuses, get it done.

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Re: Improper Delivery/Install Endangering Family

Just got email claiming I cancelled today's appt. No shock they cancelled it without correct cord again, but it's just blatant disrespect to state that I cancelled it. More salt in the wound.

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Re: Improper Delivery/Install Endangering Family

Hello, eramella,


Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums. Thank you for reaching out, and for being an Elite Plus My Best Buy member.


Safety is the most important thing, and should be a priority for every install we complete. From that falling door to the bent and altered plug, I'm sorry about the poor experience we have provided thus far. 


From your post, it sounds like Tammy may be a case worker with Geek Squad Client Care. If so, she is best positioned to help you get this rescheduled again, to discuss any potential discount, and to help out with that damage claim. 


If she is not with our Geek Squad Clint Care team, please call them at (800) 304-1259. They are specifically set up to help with delivery issues like this, and they do have the best line of contact to our third party partners, so they will be your best resource.


I understand that you haven't had the kind of support that you want so far. I'm hopeful that if you call them they will be able to assist more fully.



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