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I would like to file a formal complaint

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 I was initially pleased with my Best Buy experience and purchase on 11/11 of my 4 major appliances  - Refrigerator, Stove, Dishwasher and Microwave. The sales rep Frank {removed per forum guidelines} at the Copperfield Store was amazing! However, I’m very dissatisfied with my experience with the delivery of the appliances. Delivery is scheduled today 12/4 between 7a-1p. I received a call from Peter the delivery/installation rep and he explains to me that he didn’t know if someone had already contacted me to inform me that the stove range that I’d ordered was no longer in stock and that he didn’t know when it will be in stock. I immediately became furious because 1. NO ONE called me in the 22 days before delivery until the day of delivery to inform me of this. 2. I’d taken off for work for this delivery/install. 3. My first payment on my Best Buy credit card for the appliances is due 12/7 which is in 3 days! I’ve spoken to a store rep, she called the manager Max and the best he could do for me is give me a comparable stove at the same price 😒. Spoke to someone from the corporate office and they were no help. The best they could do is give me a $75 credit to my account. But I still have no stove! And to top things off the warehouse didn’t move forward with placing the other 3 appliances on the truck for delivery so now I have wasted an entire off day from work for nothing! This is not good business practice and I need for Best Buy to make this right or I will be canceling this entire order TODAY and giving my business to Home Depot.

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Re: I would like to file a formal complaint

So the Applicance Manager, Max, has been very diligent in following up with me regarding this issue. It was bought to my attention by the manager that my stove was showing in the system that it was delivered and checked into the warehouse on 11/29 so he sent a few emails out and they found my stove in the warehouse after all. Spoke with the mananger as to how/why tdid his happened and basically he stated the warehouse dropped the ball but I, the customer, is still the one dealing with not having my applicances! I received an email that the delivery was rescheduled for 12/12 which is not acceptbal because I'm not availble on this day and furthmore I was never asked what would be a good day for redelivery nor was next day was an option! This is ridiculous! Best Buy needs to make this right! I need to be compensated for my time away from work today in addition, I need my applicances delivered to me well before 12/12. If I do not have answer before the my first payment is due which is 12/7 I will be cancelling this order.

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Re: I would like to file a formal complaint

Hello Dondrick,


Thank you for reaching out to us for support with your recent appliance order. New appliances are definitely something to look forward to, and something that often needs to be planned for ahead of time. Having to reschedule is never convenient. I am glad to hear that Max has been helpful in communicating with you regarding your concern, however we always want to make sure we’ve explored all avenues toward resolution when our customers find themselves in these less than ideal situations. I see your message was from a few days ago, and I want to apologize for the delayed response. If you have not cancelled the order by now, we would be glad to look further into this to see what options we may have available to assist.


To proceed, we would need to ask that you send us a private message with your full name, email address, telephone number, and order number, so we can verify the purchase. Once that’s done, we will be permitted access to your order history.




Sarah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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