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I want to file a complaint for lying employees!

Here’s the situation:


I ordered a dishwasher online, online said it was on back order, however the date they said it was going to be in stock was two days prior to the date I picked to have it delivered. meaning The dishwasher was suppose to be in stock on 01/22/19, I picked 01/24/19 to have it delivered and installed. I got a voicemail left @ 8:30 pm, stating that the dishwasher was not in the warehouse and they pushed the delivery date back to this 01/30/19. The issue is I took off work for that day and did not hear this voicemail until about 9am on Jan 24th, which is the delivery date. I then proceed to call BestBuy customer service, which the first person I spoke to was very rude and didn’t seem like my issue was a big deal at all. This person also told me the delivery drivers would have to be the ones to compensate me for my troubles! I knew this was not right and did not have time to wait to talk to someone else about my issues. I have had issues with BestBuy in the past and now I remember why I stopped buying from them in the first place. Then BestBuy wonders why they have lost SO much business and closed so MANY stores. Your employees flat out lie to people, lazy, or just don’t want to do their job. I am upset because if you knew my order was not going to be in-stock on Jan 24th, then don’t call me at 8:30pm the day before and tell its not going to be there. Most people that work for a living have to take off time from their jobs in order to be at home for the delivery people to deliver their orders, you knew the order wasn’t going to make the deadline, call people with more of a notice. what I am most upset about is the lying employees, and after reading multiple blogs on here, looks like I am not the only person that has been lied to by your employees.

I can tell you I will NEVER buy or shop at BestBuy again!

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Re: I want to file a complaint for lying employees!

Hello MJ247365,


Welcome to the Best Buy forums, and thank you for sharing your experience with us! I appreciate you giving us the opportunity to identify where we went wrong and allow us to grow. I definitely understand that receiving a call at 8:30 p.m. the night before is less than ideal. We don't always know that the product didn't arrive until we go to stage the product for the next day's deliveries. I also have a job that I can't just take off from whenever I please.


Can you please send me a private message using the link in my signature below, and confirm your full name, phone number and email address for me? I'd be happy to look into this issue and see if there is anything I can do to get it taken care of. 




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Re: I want to file a complaint for lying employees!

To be fair, they did call you and let you know. Sometimes they don’t know right away if a delivery is going to be late so they give as much notice as possible. If you had problems in the past then why did you buy from them again? I think it’s best you take accountability for yourself.