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I picked up some car parts and it says my service was completed

I bought some remote car starter parts today and I had scheduled my geek squad installation on January 6th. I picked up the parts at least so I can take it with me on the day I have to install them and my mobile app says the service is already completed. Did I just lose my appointment and would I have to pay for the service again even if it came free from the holiday sale? Or do I still show up for my appointment and get the service free of charge?
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Re: I picked up some car parts and it says my service was completed



Thank you for registering with the Best Buy forums to ask your question!  To be honest this is a question that I get about 2x a day.... minimum Smiley Indifferent.   That said, I do want you to rest easy knowing that your appiontment is likely still there, but, it's showing complete because of the way that our Geek Squad schedule is paired up with the online ordering system that is being used for your purchase.  Since the 2 are connected, whenver the parts are picked up its going to fulfill the order and complete the service as complete also.  this in turn would have anyone asking the same questions as you have!

You can have the peace of mind knowing that you can still show up for your scheduled appoitment, and you should always feel welcome to call the Geek Squad Autotech directly if you have any questions.  If you live close to the store, stopping by could be a better option, during this busy time of year it's hard to break away from the cars to answer the phones, but a quick check on your date shouldn't take anytime at all!

TL;DR- your appointment cannot be modified and your date is already set because it cannot be rescheduled or cancelled because it has already been marked as complete. 

Awesome question, Noah, truly hope this helps you rest at ease a bit. 


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