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I did not receive a product I have ordered and have had a horrible experience so far with Best Buy

I spent over $7,000 on appliances at best buy and with that expected great service. My first delivery was scheduled for 2/24/20223 and then 2/25/2023. My experience first started with scheduling a delivery time between 12p-8p. A few days prior I got a confirmation email of my delivery then being changed from 9a-1p. I chatted with best buy on the discrepancy, as online it still had the afternoon window selected- they assured me not to worry and my afternoon time would be correct- this was not correct. This new time was fine; however, it was not what I had scheduled for and luckily, I was off work the whole day to accommodate this last minute change in addition to getting the wrong information from customer service. My delivery for that Saturday was also rescheduled and delayed three weeks and they only let me know of this 3 days prior- another last minute change.


On top of this, I had horrible in-home service. The delivery drivers on 2/24 clearly were in a rush, asking for the time 10 minutes after arrival, etc. They made up some story about how they could not install my oven, did not clearly answer questions, and just left. When my boyfriend came home, I explained what they had told me and they were dead wrong. The oven fit just fine, and the delivery drivers just needed to measure the space properly, which they clearly did not. We ended up having to install this ourselves which was ridiculous. In addition, no one called from Best Buy asking if the install needed to be rescheduled. It was clear these guys had somewhere else to be.


The most frustrating thing is that my Bespoke French Door bottom panel for my refrigerator was packed damaged, and the delivery drivers opened it and took it right back to the van. I did not see the damage myself, so for all I know it was perfectly fine. Either way, they marked it as "delivered" when I did not get this product. This was on 2/24. I called customer service on 2/26 about this product and how to get it replaced, they assured me I would hear back within 24 hours. After not hearing back, I called again on 3/1, this person told me I would hear back within 48 hours. AGAIN- no call back. I then called back furious on 3/5, explained by situation 3 times as I continued to get transferred. After speaking with the 3rd agent, she told me she was not the right person to help. She then ASSURED me that she would call me back the next day. NO CALL-AGAIN. This was a straight week of trying to get help from these people. I called again last week and finally someone pointed me in a better direction, but it was not enough. I got ahold of Christian with the total tech line, and he told me the warehouse was aware of my return and would be reaching out within the next couple days, of course they never did. This was on 3/7. Again- no one called to update. Now I just called again on 3/13, spoke to someone who told me they could do nothing. They also told me they would call me with an update the next day and NEVER CALLED. The situation with my order is no fault of my own but now I am out the product I ordered and was supposed to get 3 weeks ago. Online it states it was delivered but clearly was not. How long am I supposed to wait for Best Buy to do their job and get me my product. It would not be as bad if I wouldn’t get tossed around the phone lines and lied to.


I do not feel like I need to jump through this many hoops to get something I ordered, I spent a lot of money here and I absolutely will never order from your site again nor recommend with the poor service. 

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Re: I did not receive a product I have ordered and have had a horrible experience so far with Bes...

Hi, Sdey,


Thank you for reaching out for assistance. Please note that the Best Buy Forums will be discontinued on March 20, 2023. We appreciate you being a part of our Best Buy Forums.


I would be glad to look into your order as this doesn't seem like the experience we want our customers to have when purchasing and getting a product delivered/installed. Please Private Message your full name, email and phone number to look into solutions we may be able to make happen.



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