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Huge Oven delivery delays Roseville Ca

June 26 I paid $4,911 for Samsung double ovens, a range vent hood, and a microwave. Since that day i have been stood up on 3 occasions for delivery of the hood, repair of the ovens  by the Best Buy tech and on the delivery of a new set of ovens. Each time i have sat at home and waited for the vent hood, or repair, or exchange with no warning or call or anything that the person was not going to show up. I have wasted too many days at this point and need help above the store level. I have taken the first available appointment each time along the way and yet i have been without ovens and without my money for 82 days now. I talked to another manager on the phone yesterday who was kind enough to "put me back on the schedule". Really?? That is the help i get after all this? Put me back on the schedule? So that hopefully the service people will actually show up this time? I need help ASAP and i think as a long time customer i deserve more than to be put back on schedule. I want BestBuy employees to pick up these ovens and i want my money back so i can get the operable ovens installed i paid good money for a long time ago. 

Last night I was even given a bad email address by the "manager" who was there at the time. I called the store asking for him today and was told he was not there. I deserve help.

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Re: Huge Oven delivery delays Roseville Ca

Greetings, edlenzer,

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It sounds like you have some great kitchen upgrades heading your way! I apologize for the difficulties that you have been experiencing with getting everything delivered and installed. Three months is a long time to be left waiting, and I can understand wanting to get this resolved. Our Geek Squad Client Care team is here to help! This is our team that is dedicated to major appliance deliveries and installation issues, such as the one that you are describing. Please connect with them through their direct line at (800) 304-1259. Calls are accepted between the hours of 8 a.m. – 11 p.m. CT, seven days a week.



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