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How to notify BB effectively about Poor service?

Do you have addresses of the appropriate supervisors of BestBuy and delivery company (XPO ) so I can share my experience in trying to have a washer/ dryer delivered? I think these folks need to hear this story. See below if interested:

Long story: I purchased a washer/dryer and Geek Squad service. Day before scheduled delivery I went to BEST BUY store and had salesperson sell me all parts needed and he said if my pedestal was compatible the installer would put my old base on. When delivery man showed he just wanted to drop off w/d, but I showed him the invoice which stated he was to set up, haul off old appliances. He was not happy, then I asked him to see if bases would fit and he said no, he could not do that. I said fine but I would not give him a good review. He said he would go out to his truck and call his boss to see what to do. I waited 20 minutes and then discovered he just drove off without letting me know. I called BestBuy and after 15 minutes got a person to let me know that all I could do was reschedule. We had to drive to relative to do our much needed laundry. We scheduled for next week. On that delivery day I received a text that they would be here at 8:20 am, I called at 8:45 when no one showed - after waiting over 30 minutes for someone to pick up phone - I called their general support ( Best Buy) and got a real person in 5 minutes who checked what happened, it so happened that Best Buy assigned the delivery to the same guy who drove off without talking to me last time! When he found out that he was supposed to come back he refused because he said he was 'afraid of the owner'....( I explained to the BB agent on the phone that I am 5'6", 73 y/o little old man)! They wanted me to reschedule again! At this point we had enough, so I canceled my order, found the same appliances at Lowes for better price...I set up washer and with a little fixing got my old pedestal to fit, and have been doing our laundry without a hitch. I will not be using Best Buy again and hope to let others know how your company operates.
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Re: How to notify BB effectively about Poor service?

Hello, GEC,


Welcome to our forums and thank you for reaching out to us here. First and foremost, I would like to say this is certainly not the level of service that we strive to provide, and we appreciate you taking the time out of your day to share your experience. I would be happy to look into this as well as document this on your behalf so that we as well as our delivery partners can be sure to provide a more accommodating experience and use this as a training opportunity to improve. If you feel comfortable, please send over a private message at your leisure containing your full name, phone number, email address and the order number if you still have this on hand. That will allow me to be most thorough.


To send that message, you can utilize the button below to the right of my name.


Kindest regards,

Keith M|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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