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How to file a formal complaint?

Couple days ago, my dishwasher was broken, so I ordered a new one at bestbuy, with 5 years extended warranty, installation kits, haul away service...It was said would be delieved at Mar 19 before I placed the order, but turned to Mar. 20, but it was fine, I am ok with it.


So I waited and waited and asked a day off from work on Mar. 20 for my new dishwasher delievery and installation. But in Mar. 19 EVENING, I received a phone call and was told "sorry, we can not make it, it has to be rescheduled to Mar. 23". Leave to me no choice, I waited for another 4 days, and asked ANOTHER day off from work.


On Mar. 23, my dishwasher a broken one with a huge dent on it when the technicians opened the package on my driveway. They called the service center and told me they would replace another one. On the phone I was told to wait for their phone call notice for updates, could be resolved as soon as that weekend.


Now, Monday morning, I just finished the talk with the "customer service". Nobody cares what happened to me, or what happened in my kitchen these days without a dishwasher. There is NO UPDATE I will receive from them! They said I have to call and MAKE A RESCHEDULE myself!!!


Is anyone there at "customer service" really cares about the customers? Rechedule at the last minutes but ask us last least give them 24 hours if we need to make a reschedule. Mistakely sent a broken dishwasher and then...nothing, I was hoping they would fix their mistake at their best, but what I have now? I have push them to fix their mistake!!! 


Couple minutes ago on the phone,

"I am waithing for the updates for my dishwasher whole weekend..."

"oh sir, you have to make the rechedule..."

"Me? I was told to wait for a phone call..."

"oh no, you have to make the rechedule..."

"sigh, how about tomorrow..."

"no, it is available for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, or next week..."

"sigh, then Thursday, as soon as possible..."

"sure, sir....if you need to make a reschedule, please call us and give us at least 24 hours before we send your order out..."


See, I can not even have a priority and have to re-take the line to wait for delievey, IT IS NOT MY MISTAKE TO MAKE THE RESCHEDULE, and IT HAS BEEN 8 DAYS AND I HAVE TO WAITING ANOTHER 3 DAYS FOR MY DISHWASHER and TAKE THE THIRD DAY OFF FROM WORK THIS MONTH FOR IT!!!


And it is IRRITATED especially when the "customer service" talk to you with a feeling "take it or not, it is your problem"