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How to file Executive Complaint: Horrible Customer Service on installation of Remote Car Starter

I am beyond frustration with the level of incompetence that I have received on my remote car starter purchase/installation. 


On 12/15/18 - I went into the Best Buy closest to my home and purchased a remote car starter with installation. Unfortunately that particular store did not have any installation appointments until lat January. So I asked if any stores had earlier appointments. The gentleman assisting me found an appointment at another store for 3 pm today 12/21/18. He said he would ship my remote call starter and parts over to the other store and that I was confirmed for the appointment and I would receive notifications for when the other store received the parts. 


I received a notification on 12/20/18 in the evening stating that my order needed to be picked up by 12/21/18 or it would be returned to stock and my purchase refunded to my card, I thought it was an odd message considering they would be installing at 3 pm on 12/21/18 so I called the store doing the install. I sat on hold for ~20 min while they tried to find my install appointment. Then I was transferred to another person who confirmed they couldn't find my appointment but that she would look again. After another 20 minutes on hold, she came back online and said the 3 pm appointment had someone else booked in it already. I asked to speak to a manager and she said that he wouldn't be available to speak with for 3 hrs and that the installer was too busy to ask if there was a way to put me into another slot. 


At this point I had been on the phone with them for ~47 minutes. I asked for a direct dial number because I had to get to a meeting. She said that she would find me the number and I could hear her rummaging around on her desk/counter. Then I was put on hold again. I had to get to my meeting so I hung up after 5 min. still on hold. 


After my meeting was over I called the store back and was placed on hold immediately. After 28 minutes - the original person I had spoken with said yes I remember talking with you an hour ago and said they would transfer me to the installation department of the store I was trying to confirm my appointment. 


I was transferred to the original store where I purchased the remote car starter. The manager I spoke with was in the installation area who told me he didn't have an appointment for me that day to install a car radio/stereo. I had to inform him it was never a car radio stereo and my appointment was at another store. He had looked up my account and said yes I don't see a car stereo on your account only a car starter and all the parts have been shipped to the other store. 


I told him yes I knew that - that the appointment was at the other store today 12/21/18 to install a remote care starter at 3 pm. He attempted to pull up the scheduler to see if he could find my appointment and said it appearred jammed and was just spinning. While he talked to me about my situation, he was sympathetic but couldn't assist his installations were full up for the day and he didn't have the parts needed since they were shipped to the other store. 


After 7 minutes he said he still couldn't get into the scheduler and that he would call via direct line to the other store and have them call me immediately, I also gave him my office line since I was sitting at my desk. Total time on the call with the wrong store 28 min. 


It has now been another hour and no return call from anyone. I had rearranged my schedule for the appointment today as well as taken a 1/2 day off of work, my daughter rearranged her schedule to come and pick me up during the installion window. Was told it would be 2 hours but more than likely would only be 1 hr 45 min. 


It is now 2 1/2 hrs prior to the originally scheduled appointment and no return calls and not even sure how to proceed. I can't spend hours on the phone today sitting on hold for 20 minutes at a time. I have been a Best Buy Elite member for over 10 yrs and I can't even get a straight answer from anyone.


How can I file an executive formal complaint with the company?


THank you. 

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Re: How to file Executive Complaint: Horrible Customer Service on installation of Remote Car Starter

Good Afternoon, SusanD2,


Welcome to the Best Buy Support Online Forum Community! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to share that you’re having some issues with a remote start installation. I understand discovering that you may not have an appointment as initially thought for today is frustrating. We’d be happy to see if we can help point you in the correct direction for some further assistance.


Can you please send us a private message with your full name, phone number, and email address? We’d be happy to see how we may be able to assist you further, however, we’d be unable to make any guarantees on a particular outcome. A private message can be sent to us by choosing the blue button in my signature.



Mariah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: How to file Executive Complaint: Horrible Customer Service on installation of Remote Car Starter

I did finally talk to the actual installer at the Best Buy location with my parts - he is staying extra just to fit me in. I will most likely reach out to you after to file the complaint around the way I was treated as a customer when just trying to figure out what was going on with my appointment. 


I think your company needs to listen to customers who are fed up with the treatment we are receiving. 


I turned to the forums because I didn't feel there was even 1 human being that I spoke with that could help me. They all seemed lost and confused but had no resources to help me. I have read over and over in the forums how people are inconvenienced when setting up appointments to have service or delivery. We are people just like you, we have jobs, family, school schedules, travel schedules, etc. and need to be able to depend on Best Buy to do what you have agreed to do within the parameters we as customers set up on our appointments. Brushing us off or multiple reschedules does not build customer loyalty. 


I appreciate that you as a Best Buy corporate employee are attempting to assist - but this issue appears to be a large problem that should encourage best buy to really examine how they are doing business with their customers and how can they put in process changes that will actually impact the current issues.


The gaps I see in the service I am receiving:


1) Educate the employees setting up service that they need to provide the confirmation number for the appointment. Not sure my confirmation would have helped anyway - 1 manager couldn't look at any appointments because the scheduler just sat and spun. He also mentioned that appointments sometimes disappear. Maybe your ops/development dept needs to review system issues and come up with resolutions to these existing issues. 


2) When I attempted to call the originating sales store and the install store - my call seems to have been picked up by some sort of switch board that directed my call to yet a 3rd store who was unable to assist and kept putting me on hold until they figured out I needed to be transferred to the install store


3) Provide some sort of direct line or management assistance when a customer is obviously upset and at the end of their rope. I spent 2 hrs trying to talk to the "right person" and the "right store" on top of the initial almost hour long phone call. 


4) Don't constantly put a person on hold who has spent the better part of an hour on hold and has only minutes to finish up a call - again I have work and a life too. When I say I need to hang up for a meeting in 2 minutes - maybe ask if you can call back and leave a VM or provide a direct line so I can speak to the same person without re-explaining my issue to 4 more people. Don't just put me on hold again and not come back - even in five minutes.


I'll DM you once I have finished today and hope I don't encounter yet another issue. 




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Re: How to file Executive Complaint: Horrible Customer Service on installation of Remote Car Starter

Hello SusanD2,


Thank you for your message.  Our goal is never to create frustration, and I was unhappy to read that you encountered numerous obstacles on your quest to receive service for your vehicle.  I appreciate you bringing this to our attention and for sharing your detailed feedback with us.  If you still need our help down the road, we'd be happy to explore further options once we receive the information Mariah requested above.


I'm grateful you wrote to us with your concerns.

Sam|Retired Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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