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How do you file a complaint?

I went in on the 16th of Nov (2018) to the Corpus Christi Best Buy to purchase a car radio and installation. The young man who was attempting to help was out of his depth and clearly lacked the ability to fully stand alone in this section of the store. He was unsure of protocol and was having trouble with the register. He called back up in the forum of a young woman who seemed better able to deal with my questions and needs. We finally got to purchasing and setting up installation. Everything seemed confusing on both sides as to what needed to be purchased and added and when to pay for what part and service. I'm told they have to order the install kit and steering control and that I would pay for it at the install. I've also purchased the $200 tech support package so the install should be covered. Walked over to finish setting up the appointment at the customer solution center. Female lead finalized install. We set it up on Friday, Black Friday God help me, because it was the first available and would give them a week to get the part in. That's what she told me. "That should give us enough time to get the part in." So one week later I show up for my appointment expecting things to be ready. Car install guys sends me to the font to pick up the part, things start heading south real quick. First they can't find my purchase of anything car related. I show them the emailed receipt but it doesn't gave some order number they need. Then they tell me the parts were never ordered. They don't order until you pay. Two sales people were on the floor with me at the original time of purchase. TWO and both said pay for it at installation. I have a back and fourth with this rep who is admittedly tired and swamped and she sends me back to auto installation. They look up they the order ticket. Female lead had made a note that the part needed to be ordered; however no one ordered it. The install guys do the best they can but there's nothing they can do. They say the part can't be overnighted or that I would have to wait in line for a third time to speak to the manage at customer service. At this point I am beyond frustrated and extremely disappointed in the lack of training that has led to this horrifically bad costumer experiance. There's nothing they can do but have me wait another week. I ask for the part number and finds it on Amazon with Prime shipping for $11.65 so it's also cheaper than Best Buys asking price of 16.99. The man informs me they are also out of the piece I need for the steering controls after I just purchased the kit from Amazon so they can do the install on the 26th. This part was also cheaper on amazon but wouldn't get here til Dec 1st. I'm going to have to come back Monday to get my radio installed and them come back again to get the steering controls installed and I am livid that there was nothing to be done but give an apology. Getting this radio was the only reason I left the house today. My time and energy have been wasted with nothing more than a sorry for the inconvenience, (albeit a seemingly sincere one from the boots in the auto install area) me having to buy parts elsewhere to get then in a timely fashion, and having to come multiple times to get it done. This is just ridiculous.
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Where do you give kudos for services?

While I just had a hellacious experience with you're radio installation services, I did have a really good one with your TV and delivery with install services. The rep that helped with the TV was knowledgeable and helped us quickly pick out what we wanted with no pressure. He was also personable and pleasant in our exchange.

The TV delivery man (Ryan I believe) did an excellent job. He was prompt, quick, kind, and professional. He took the time to demonstraight the functions and answer questions about the remote and set up. It was a very pleasant experience and I would recommended this service to others.
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Re: How do you file a complaint?

Good Afternoon, Terrirm-


Thank you so much for your patience as you had waited for our reply. Splurging on some major items like a TV and a new car stereo is surely exciting. We appreciate that you choose Best Buy for these purchases. It’s disappointing to hear that you didn’t have the kind of experience we’d like our customers to have with your car radio installation. We’d be delighted to see how we can help you moving forward.


Can you please share your full name, phone number, and email address with us a in private message? We’d be would be happy to ensure that both of your experiences are documented here at our Corporate Office. A private message can be sent to us by choosing the blue “Private Message” button in my signature. We look forward to your reply!



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