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Horrible home theater experiences (Most recent was this past weekend)



In 2017 I purchased a fairly sizeable amount of home theater equipment from BestBuy.  Ultimately that experienced turned out very badly, which I'll describe later.  This week I went to my local BB to try and schedule BB installers to come out and reconfigure the room they setup in 2017.


I arrived at the store, went to customer service, and asked if I could make an appointment for the BB installers to come out.  She had another employee come to the desk to talk to me.  He didn't want to set up the appointment, he wanted to schedule the in home consultant to come out first.  After my experience with the last one, I was hesitant, but he assured me the new one is great.  He entered me in the computer, told me I'd get a call from the consultant in the evening within 48 hours.  That was 4 days ago.  I have no number for the consultant, and he hasn't called.  So my only option would be to go back to the store and try to go through the whole process again.


The thing is - I really don't expect to have any measure of good service at this point after my last experience.


In 2017 I purchased a 65" TV, a 7.2 surround system, a power conditioner, a receiver, and an Oppo.  I also special ordered a home theater chair.  Everything except the chair went smoothly.  The installer, Max, told me the chair wouldn't arrive for 8 weeks.  I waited patiently, called him the week it was supposed to arrive, and he told me he received a notice it was delayed.  So I continued to wait patiently for 2 more weeks and then called him again.  No answer, left message.  Two days later, no return call, so I called again and left a message.  No response.  Called again the next day.  No answer.  I called BestBuy help which routed me to the Monroeville store, the first person hung up on me almost immediately when I asked to speak to a manager.  The second person wanted to pull my order before connecting me to a manager, then hung up on me after I gave him my info to pull my order.  So I drove into the store after work, asked for a manager, who then called the consultant Max.  They claimed they got a hold of him, and he'd call me that night.  No call.  Called again Monday, left a message, no response.  Then Wednesday.  Then Friday.  Finally, on Saturday, I made the long drive back to the Magnolia home theater.  Asked for a manager, and she promptly started trying to help me.  After half an hour her and another manager got a hold of the consultant, who dug tracking numbers out and gave it to them.  They pulled it up...and it said it was delivered to the store.  They searched the store and finally found my special order seat in a truck on the lot.  Turns out it was delivered on EXACTLY the day it was originally supposed to deliver.  The consultant hadn't received a delayed shipping notice, he received a now shipping notice with tracking numbers and ignored it, along with my calls.  A week later I finally got my chair.


So at this point, I honestly don't see a reason to try and work with BB services.  The first installer ignored me for weeks about a $1000 purchase sitting on the lot, the second one can't even call me.  I hope that you make sure to communicate to the installers in my area that they've cost BB not only the revenue from the installer appointment I wanted to make this week, but also the revenue from my future purchases.  This is a terrible way to treat a customer.

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Re: Horrible home theater experiences (Most recent was this past weekend)

Hello, Rygat9,


Thank you for sharing this with us. It sounds like you have a nice home theater set-up, and as an electronic enthusiast myself, I can understand wanting to look at options to reconfigure periodically. We appreciate you considering Best Buy for this project, and it certainly seems out of the ordinary that you would not have received a follow-up call regarding your recent request. The purpose of our In-Home Consultation service is to make the process as convenient as possible for our customers. I am sorry this has not been the case for you so far.


We would be happy to look further into this, especially after your description of your purchase from 2017. At your convenience, please send us a private message by selecting the blue button next to my name. We would need your name, email address, and telephone number. If you would not mind providing a short description of the work you are looking to have done, we can make sure the information gets to the correct team. I understand you’ve been waiting for a call to get this scheduled, and we will do our best to get this straightened out for you as efficiently as possible.


Sarah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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