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Horrible experience

I went online to order a dryer. It was set for delivery on Sept 4. They were here by 8 am. everything was hooked up and when they went to try it, it made a horrible noise. The two guys who delivered it called the customer service dept while they were still here with me. I spoke to a women who told me i have to wait for 24-48 hours until the order showed complete in order to set up a day for them to come bring me another new dryer. 

After being on the phone for 3 hours that morning, I got no where. 

Not only did they leave me a new broken dryer, that they knew about, they took my old dryer. I was hung up on 2 times during my  3 hour call. I spoke to a "supervisor" who literally told me i need to sit tight and just wait then hung up on me! 

I voiced my concern that we were going into a weekend, and a holiday and i wanted a working dryer before the weekend ended. I was told i would hear back from someone in 24 hours. Well needless to say..... Tuesday Sept 8 I called back to best buy customer service and was told that the earliest they can deliver me a new dryer is Sept 13. I again voiced my concern that THEY delievered a broken dryer, They took my old dryer... I have no dryer!!!! 

I also mentioned i have a special needs daughter who has incontinence issues, hense why we need out washer and dryer..... nope still didnt matter. I told DeeDee who i was speaking to, that i wanted an earlier appt, and someone to call me back. She stated she was emailing the local manager and would have them get in touch with me. I again told her i was to speak to someone now about an earlier delivery date. She then told me she would check with the manager and get back to me. Guess what???? another lie! It is now wednesday, sept 9, I still have not heard back from anyone!!!! 

I also mentioned that i would like some money back on the dryer for all my inconvience, i was first told by supervisor, Ariel, that they do not do that. I argued that he was going to give me some money back or i would contact a lawyer, and then was offered a gift card to best buy. Was never told how much, but seriously why would i want to shop there again??

Why would a business make it so hard to voice a complaint?????? Best buy has the worst customer service department ever


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Re: Horrible experience

Hello, MarciTribbettPluck,


We look forward to hearing from our customers, although I wish we were learning of a more positive experience. It sounds like things started off as expected with the dryer delivery and installation, however I understand it was determined the dryer was defective. Being without a major appliance for any length of time isn’t the experience we’d want for our customers. We appreciate you sharing your experience, and making us aware of the interactions you had over the phone. When our customer need guidance and support, our teams should be doing all they can to assist. An earlier delivery date may not have been an option available to select, however communication is key, and it is clear that wasn’t the case here.


You mentioned the expected date for the exchange was today. Hopefully, the new dryer is working as expected. We have a dedicated team with the resources to offer our appliance customers the support they need, including checking on the status of the gift card you mentioned. When convenient, please connect with the Geek Squad Client Care team at (800) 304-1259. Provided the delivery and installation is complete, they should have more information regarding the gift card.  


Please know, we’re always looking for ways we can improve the overall customer experience. If you’d like to send a Private Message, we can take the time to ensure your feedback is formally documented. To get started, simply select the blue button to the right of my signature. To access the order history, we would need to verify your full name, email address, and telephone number.



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