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Horrible experience with customer service

I purchased a display open box LG CX 77’ TV on 5/13 and it’s been one issue after another since even before completing the transaction.
I actually went to the store on 5/12 and tried to buy the TV then but the reps could not figure out how to set up payment. So I just waited for the next day to just pay the amount with my bank card instead of credit. The reps didn’t even bother to tell me that the stand for the TV was not included so I had to go and find one on EBay and pay more money for a replacement. But at least that's understandable for an open box item. 
The real problem started when I finished the purchase and the store rep tells me they will not deliver. That “it’s not even an option for them unless I pay them an additional $250 to mount the TV”. I spent three days back and fourth with customer service and having to go into the store trying to get them to comply with the free delivery that is promised on your website. As it is available even open box items when purchased in store. I had to take three days off of work and lose more money. I finally got the delivery set up for 5/19/2021. I got emails stating as much, how I “need to get ready for my new delivery”. My partner took a day off work to wait for the delivery and it never came. It had been cancelled. Mistakes happen and I gave the benefit of the doubt. I just scheduled a second delivery for 5/22. Needless to say the Appointment was canceled again. 
I called Customer Service to try and get an explanation. Just for my peace of mind. I never really got an answer from Customer Service. I got “I don’t know”, “we sold that TV to someone else”, "we don’t have that TV” and a few other answers. I began calling over and over to try to get an answer and as I continued to call the reps started promising things. They promised a $320 gift card, they promised to reimburse Geek Squad and give me the protection for free and the big one, they promised to now send me a new TV instead of the open box one I purchased. I still didn’t have an answer so I asked for a supervisor, they got one for me but they rep didn’t explain my situation to them so I had to explain it to her. As soon as I was done telling her she began to tell me how I just had to keep waiting and wouldn’t give me an answer either. I kept asking and she started raising her voice. When I asked her not to speak to me that way she said “thank you for calling Best Buy” and hung up. I was not being rude, I was only asking her to listen to my concerns and not give me a dead end answers.
It feels like they made all these promises trying to get me off the phone. All I wanted was a reason why my TV was not delivered. So when they couldn’t answer I started trying to hold your reps accountable for the promises they made and so they started telling me I had to go into the store to have them fulfilled. So I did just that. I went into the store and and got the customer service rep on the line. Now that I was in the store the customer service rep started saying that the store wouldn’t help and that it needed to be billing. I asked her not to transfer me because I was going to have her speak with the manager at the store to get things straightened out. She immediately put me on hold and disconnected right in front of the store manager. I stood there at the store with the manager from 10am until 3pm. I had the next customer service rep read the notes and case numbers to the store manager because they cannot see the notes on their end (which is a problem in itself) they talked about all the promises they made and ultimately the store told them they would need to help me. I stayed there on hold with the manager as the rep continued to try and pretend to give me the items they promised. 
At this point I asked for his supervisor and after an hour hold he said that he had her on the line and she would be with us in 5 mins. I waited there for two more hours until the manager of the store called customer service from his personal line and was told by the rep that I had been placed into a dead end queue that they use when a customer asks for a supervisor that just stays on hold until we hang up. I don't think the rep meant for me to hear it but I was right there with the manager.
Now I am hoping for a delivery 5/26 but I am furious at the incompetence and I want to hold Best Buy accountable to the promises you made. A new TV instead of the open box, Geek Squad given to me free, AND the $320 gift card.
I even have case IDs where they promise these things.
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Re: Horrible experience with customer service

Hey, Harry_,


This does sound like an upsetting experience trying to get this open-box TV delivered, and we should be able to deliver open-box TVs. I would like to look into this. Can you send me a private message with your name, phone number, email address, and order number? To send me a private message click on the message button in my signature.



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